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Comment My daughter was extremely upset as well. (Score 4, Interesting) 228

One day my pre-teen-aged daughter wanted to set up an avatar for her Google mail account, like her best friend had. A nice pony or whatever. So we have opened the settings and one of things that Google wanted to know was the date of birth. After naively filling in the date (*not* the real number, but still way low age) ... poooof ... the account was gone. And mind you, this was account my daughter has created in an "IT" class. In my country we do not have educational accounts the article talks about.

In one second the account is there, the next ... gone.
Google wanted scan of my ID or something.
YOU ARE NOT GONNA GET IT GOOGLE!!! You Do. Not. Need. A. Copy. Of. My. Passport.

So we have created another account with a slightly different name, but my daughter has been upset for quite a long time. Still is, in fact. And I had to explain why Google are such ... bloody morons.

The same day I have made backup of my entire Google mail account. I do not trust them anymore that they won't pull the same stunt with MY personal account.

Comment Re:HJKL (Score 1) 271

Look at my post I made moments ago a little bit up.
I use arrows too. Also other keys like delete, backspace or end ...

Comment Re:Pathogen is ruining Vim for me (Score 1) 271

Oh $DEITY, he uses arrow keys in Vim! The horror!

So what?
I am Vim-aficionado as well, and I use arrows too. What is wrong with that? I do not use Vim to demonstrate to myself or others how cool I am. I use it because I like the power of combined :ex commands, because I need powerful Regular Expressions. I use it because it works the same way on all systems - Windows, Linux and QNX at work, FreeBSD and Linux at home.

I even remap my arrow keys to gh, gj, gk, gl for some jobs, so when I have some lines with text-wrap enabled I can go to the visual next line (like most of other editors do).
Oh ... and I also use Insert, Home, PageUp, Delete, End and PageDown keys too. Do I lose even more points for that? Thought so ;-)

Aaaand ... You might wish to stop reading now, ...
sometimes I use key combinations such as Ctrl-Insert, Shift-Insert, and even Alt-F4 on non-windows platforms. I copy lines from mswin.vim to my .vimrc even on non-Windows platforms.

Comment Re:In other news... (Score 1) 307

I believe that for a developer, that has to deal with "third-party services that do the hosting, fulfillment, and billing" the 30% cut is a reasonable deal.

But Amazon, Kobo, Google Books, New York Times, etc ... have their own services that do the hosting, fulfillment, and billing. Those subjects often have less than 30% profit on books, thanks to the agency deal that Apple helped to enforce. So for those subject, the 30% Apple cut is unrealistically high.

Submission + - Amazon drops "wireles delivery" surcharge (simon-royle.com)

stasike writes: Amazon has been charging "wireles delivery" surcharge for it's Kindle books for regions outside USA. The surcharge was $2 and was charged even if you purchased the e-book on WiFi-only Kindle or even on Kindle app for your PC or PDA. So 0.99 book cost $2.99 in Eurpope and elsewhere.
It looks like they dropped the surcharge. Is this the beginning of price-war with Apple?

Submission + - Amazon loses the International wireless charge (simon-royle.com)

sgroyle writes: "For anyone living outside the USA or Canada, it used to cost about $2-00 to get the book delivered by wireless to your kindle or reading device. That meant a .99 cents book was 2.99. Even when you “gifted” your own book to someone living in the USA, using Amazon’s services, it still cost you that $2-00.

I always thought that was a bit harsh, reminded me of phone charges in hotels in the eighties and nineties.

The good news is that Amazon appear to have stopped charging and now, “Free International delivery”, now really does mean free.

Thanks, Jeff.

(Hat tip to Kacir for bringing this to my attention)."

Submission + - nokia DRM blunder (google.com)

An anonymous reader writes: If you do not believe me or do not have access to E52 test it out on Nokia's RDA service which is free of

cost.After all who uses a Nokia nowadays(except me).

==N-Gage Activation problems==
In September/October Firmware update 051.018 was released for E52.After the update N-Gage games could no longer be

activated.Though if games already activated before update remain activated till phone is reset.Video proofs have

been submitted on Youtube.

URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJCpzmsEu7M youtube .Also videos have been made on Nokia RDA service are submitted.
URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJCpzmsEu7M here .Anybody can confirm this on Nokias RDA service
URL: http://www.forum.nokia.com/Devices/Remote_device_access/ RDA

URL for a setup of N-Gage and Bounce trial

Comment Eicar (Score 1) 366

Look up the Eicar test virus.
It is not a virus as such, just a text string you can create by a text editor, but all antivirus programs react to this and it is fun to see how antivirus reacts to your attempts to save file, unpack an archive or send email.

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