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Submission + - The future of unmanned flight

an.echte.trilingue writes: "The Economist has an interesting article about the future of unmanned flight. From the article:

Having evolved from military use, drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), are taking to the air in increasing numbers for public-service and civilian roles. They are being operated by groups as diverse as police, surveyors and archaeologists. A UAV helped firemen track the blaze that recently ravaged southern California.(...) [Researchers at Harvard University] are working on a fly-like robot which weighs only 60 milligrams (0.002 ounces) and has a wingspan of just three centimetres — about the size of a real fly and so most unlikely to be noticed. This means going beyond scaling down existing components, like electric motors, and trying entirely new manufacturing processes. The Harvard "fly-bot" has flown, but so far only on a tether from which it gets external power.
I personally wonder when airlines will adopt this technology."

Submission + - Guilty verdict in music file-sharing case

an.echte.trilingue writes: CNN is reporting that the RIAA has managed to win in court. From the story "In the first such lawsuit to go to trial, the record companies accused Thomas of downloading the songs without permission and offering them online through a Kazaa file-sharing account. Thomas denied wrongdoing and testified that she didn't have a Kazaa account.[...]

During the three-day trial, the record companies presented evidence they said showed the copyrighted songs were offered by a Kazaa user under the name "tereastarr." Their witnesses, including officials from an Internet provider and a security firm, testified that the Internet address used by "tereastarr" belonged to Thomas."

Submission + - European Court Dismisses Microsoft Appeal

an.echte.trilingue writes: A European Union court on Monday dismissed Microsoft's appeal against an EU antitrust order that ordered it to share communications code with rivals and sell a copy of Windows without Media Player. It also upheld a $689 million fine — the largest ever levied by EU regulators. The EU Court of First Instance ruled against Microsoft on both parts of the case, saying the European Commission was correct in concluding that Microsoft was guilty of monopoly abuse in trying to use its power over desktop computers to muscle into server software.

Submission + - Scientists Discover New Link in Ocean Currents (

an.echte.trilingue writes: CNN is running a story about the discovery of one of the last ocean currents near Tasmania. From the article:

New research shows that a current sweeping past Australia's southern island of Tasmania toward the South Atlantic is a previously undetected part of the world climate system's engine-room, said scientist Ken Ridgway.

The Southern Ocean, which swirls around Antarctica, has been identified in recent years as the main lung of global climate, absorbing a third of all carbon dioxide taken in by the world's oceans.

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