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Submission + - Disempowering the singular sysadmin 3

An anonymous reader writes: Practically every computer system appears to be at the mercy of at least one individual who holds root or whatever other superuser identity can destroy (or subvert, etc.) that system. Each application on a system has the same weakness. However, making a system require multiple individuals for any root operation (think of the classic two-keys to launch a nuke) has shortcomings: simple operations sometimes require root, and would be enormously cumbersome if they needed a consensus of administrators to execute. There is the idea of a Distributed Administration Network, which is like a cluster of independently-administered servers, but this is a limited case for deployment of certain applications... and anyway it is still presumably vaporware. Are there more sweeping yet practical solutions out there for avoiding the weakness of a singular empowered superuser?

Comment Re:Root problem (Score 1) 236

Actually many politicians also don't understand the legal code. This is why often they first decide what the law should be, at a higher level, and then they employ people to translate this into legal jargon. Like when you want a program, you first discuss it, and then you employ coders. Most of metagovernment projects are at the higher level. And yes there is still space for corruption between the higher level and the legal level. It was there before and metagovernment does not solve that at all, so far. It is instead trying to integrate the opposing views.

Comment using it to replay interesting conversations (Score 1) 347

I agree with all the critics about using it as a security device, although most security camera can be tricked, what they do is to stop all the other crime that is not so committed to find a way to trick it.

But most of all I think those camera would be useful to record interesting conversations. Think about going to a conference with something like that, for example.

Comment I did imagine that, in fact! (Score 1) 222

I was actually thinking about patenting this idea, (True story), now I suppose I can't anymore. In any case: " imagine, if you will, having a beeper in your rectum or genital area, the most sensitive area of your body. And your beeper numbers displayed on billboards throughout the city." sounds like fun to me! In any case true or not, we are going to have things like this soon enough. Not implanted, but self implanted. The whole point is to have ways in which you can receive informations directly into your body (literally), and connecting it with anything you want.

Comment Ignore the Nook, wait for Que (Score 1) 542

Ok, some facts. The technology behind this is from Plastic Logic. Plastic Logic got all out there and the drooling when it presented its first reader (which was not available for the public) more than 1 year ago. I have waited ever since to buy an ebook reader, knowing full well what I wanted: large screen, possibility to add my own pdf, e-ink. Essentially I think this product is a really bad. The screen is too small. It will fit novels, but if you aim to use it to read real A4 pdf you are in no luck. But Plastic Logic has now explained that it will come up with a new product: Que ( ) for the business market. The press release says: "Extra thin, lightweight and wireless-enabled, QUE is the size of an 8.5 x 11 inch pad of paper, less than a 1/3 inch thick, and weighs less than many periodicals. The innovative QUE proReader features the largest touchscreen in the industry, an intuitive touch screen user interface, and provides access to a file cabinet’s worth of documents, plus your favorite—and most necessary—publications. " This is much more similar to the product they presented two years ago. This is what I will buy, not this silly nook-toy. I have waited 2 years, I can wait an extra month.

Comment Re:It's their own fault (Score 1) 564

It is already like this, at a regional scale. Just look at those three articles on the Foibe Massacres, which were in the great majority done from Slovanians on Italians during and after WW2: English, neutral version: Italian Version: While the article is nearly absent in the Slovenian Version : and Serbo croatian version (I think): When this came out in Italy in the media there was a huge uproar. Now it all went quite again.

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