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Comment Re:Interesting (Score 0, Flamebait) 234

> I think this product is great even if for nothing more
> than the conversations it can generate that will bring
> more awareness about the needs in developing countries.

These so-called "developing" countries were doing just fine, and had a lot less problems *before* we had *any* awareness of their existence.

Comment Re:Why would a desktop user would run it? (Score 1) 235

> Not sure about suspend to encrypted swap, but it's a placebo
> if you're expecting true suspend to disk;

My current setup is an encrypted volume, containing an LVM volume, containing root, swap and home. When I resume from s2d, it asks me for the passphrase just like during a normal boot, and only when the swap shows up it tries to resume from it. I guess that this is just as safe as a normal shutdown.

Big thanks to you (and everyone else) for all the replies.

Comment Re:Why would a desktop user would run it? (Score 1) 235

I'm almost convinced. I've been toying with FreeBSD 7 on a vm a while ago, and I liked it. There's a certain "feel" about the whole system, and I really like that feel. Now I'm considering putting it on my laptop. I'm just wondering about a few possible showstoppers. Tell me about...

  - Ports. I'm very used to apt&dpkg. I haven't spent a lot of time learning to use the ports system, so tell me: can I expect the ports (after learning them a bit) to be as comfortable in everyday use as apt? I like installing&testing new stuff, trying out various funny Python libraries, etc. I need the process of finding, installing, upgrading, removing packages to be quick and efficient.

  - Hardware support. Can I expect the new FreeBSD to "just work" on a 1-year old laptop? I don't care about stuff like the wifi light, but other small things like SD card reader or the webcam are something that I'd hardly be giving up.

  - Full disk encryption. This is a must and I'm not going anywhere without it. I suppose it's there; but can I have swap on encrypted logical volume and still be able to do suspend to disk? (suspend to ram is also really handy)

  - NetworkManager? Or something equivalent. I don't want to go to commandline unless a task that I'm performing demands by its very nature a command-oriented user interface.

  - 3D support on Intel graphics?

  - read&write support for ext3, ntfs, etc for Linux and Windows inter-op?

That'd be all for now...

Comment Re:Is it just me ? (Score 2, Insightful) 173

Except that
1. Slashdot thought you're writing HTML and ate half of your code
2. Put it into a module and load in ghci, then try something like "qsort [1..10000]". Watch the slowness.
3. The efficient implementation in Haskell uses iteration and is 100 times less readable than equivalent code in C.

I really like Haskell, but this is not the best example of its strenghts.

Comment Prostitutes... (Score 1) 6

A few years ago I've been with an ex-prostitute. She was one of the craziest girls I've ever met, and I truly loved her. It was a shock when she told me about her past, but... It helped me realize that there are no "better" or "worse" people.

Comment Re:Why I like Unreal (Score 1) 217

You know what? It works. Builds smoothly. Runs flawlessly. Now just gotta get Doom3. Damn it, I hate you. I wasn't supposed to ever touch mapping again, and not being able to run Radiant on Linux was what was keeping me sane. I'm an addict. Now I'm going to abandon all my other projects, quit my job, break up with my girlfriend, and spend next ten months doing an epic map. :(

Thanks :D

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