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Comment Re:Who leaked the documents? (Score 4, Insightful) 234

Who leaked the documents?

That's a good question.

The answer is: It doesn't matter. Just be grateful.

Did you not think the enemy would adapt? Would you be better off not knowing what your government is up to, or what challenges it faces? We're not talking about the Enigma machine here, you know. The only surprises that came out of these leaks so far is the unlimited power that our government believes it has over our privacy, and the extent to which they will go to hide what they're doing from us citizens.

Comment Re:I know that I need mine (Score 1) 136

You've changed too many things to gather any useful information about your sleep.

There's no reason in the first place for you to think anything that helped me would help you.

My point is, the time you spend asleep is worth thinking about in a systematic way, in order to improve it and get the most out of it.

I don't know what will help you. Maybe it's a cup of warm milk or a few minutes of mindfulness. Some people swear by a cup of spearmint and chamomile tea, brewed 15-20 minutes. But don't take your sleep for granted. Bad sleep makes you cranky, apparently.

Comment Re:Rex Nebular (Score 1) 5

I hadn't played that one even though I was a rabid gamer back then, but looking at the wikipedia entry I can see what you're saying.

Rex Nebular seems to be the polar opposite of the 1st person perspective guy (sorry, I'm stoned). I wish I'd have seen that game.

Comment Re:open source office suite will never succeed (Score 1) 72

The fact that Linux has every feature Windows has while Windows lacks features that Linux has had for years is fact, not opinion. The fact that Linux is faster on the same machine is not opinion, but fact.

I use both OSes. Windows falls short everywhere except eye candy and gaming, which they excel at. Fact, not opinion.

Comment Re:I know that I need mine (Score 5, Interesting) 136

Does anyone else have an above-average sleep requirement?

I used to think I needed more sleep than average. But once I put a little thought into my sleep patterns and methods, I learned a real lesson about it. My wife and I spent a little money on a really good mattress (OK, it wasn't so little) and really good pillows (You ought to try MyPillow). Then, on a lark I tried using an Android app on my Nexus 7 called "Sleep as Android", which tracked my movement as I slept and tried to wake me when my sleep was the shallowest. Then, it graphs out your sleep patters (when you're sleeping deeply and not moving and when you're restless or snoring or tossing and turning). Finally, when you wake up you rate how you feel on a scale of 1 to 5 stars. After the few months, I was surprised to find that when I sleep between 7:15hrs and 7:30hrs I felt best and had the best, most productive days. Occasionally, I would try to sleep 8 or more hours and I'd never feel as well or work as well.

So now, I sleep almost exactly 7:15hr to 7:30hr every night. I wake up without an alarm and fall asleep quickly and have great dreams. (the app has some "lucid dreaming" features that will play a little sound when you get into the deepest sleep state, and that got me in the habit of lucid dreaming - during which I'm almost always playing music, for some reason).

It's worth taking an informed approach to sleep instead of just assuming "I need 9 hours". We sleep such a large percentage of our lives, and most of us really don't give much thought to it.

Comment Re:McGrew (Score 1) 5

Mars Needs Women.

That tickled a long-disused memory neuron... I think I've seen that phrase in a short story decades ago.

I was thinking how few women go into STEM and how few females there were in the old American west.

And thanks, I'm really looking forward to no more MS Access (and alarm clocks).

Comment Re:Impressive. (Score 1) 196

Obviously when there is 50% unemployment something will have to change (like doubling wages and cutting hours in half).

When unemployment and poverty get high enough it's amazing how many conservatives become liberals. Look at the depression -- most of today's social programs started then.

As to "our inbred desire to kill people", that is certainly NOT inbred. Violence is a learned reaction, not hereditary.

Comment Re:Impressive. (Score 1) 196

Excellent comment. To my fellow slashdotters, it's obvious that caseih is a farmer from his user name. CaseIH makes tractors. It used to be two companies; Case and International Harvester. We used Case tractors on the flightline when I was in the USAF; they don't (or didn't) only make farm equipment then.

I see their ads all the time on TV.

And if anyone is wondering what a farmer is doing at slashdot, farming isn't for dumb people any more; farmers have to know chemistry, biology, and tech. Today's farmers are nerds.

Comment Re:open source office suite will never succeed (Score 2) 72

You were modded troll because "To be honest I have enough trouble leaving Microsoft products at times, although often it's because they are the best at what they do" is incorrect. Nobody would replace the OS that came on their computer unless the replacement was superior, and Linux IS superior. My W7 notebook will be joining the tower in running kubuntu very soon -- Windows gets slower and slower all the time as its registry becomes hugely bloated. It seems uninstalling a program seldom deletes any registry keys; I'm using the Windows AV (can't remember its name) and have uninstalled AVG, yet Windows keeps nagging my to turn AVG on.

Windows lacks features, has to be rebooted monthly, its useability is awful, and it's slow as molasses compared to Linux.

As to "Explorer file manager has no equivalent in terms of speed, functionality and usability compared to anything in Linux", that is PURE troll. Windows file manager was all right in XP but the one in W7 is klunky as hell. I don't remember the name of kubuntu's file manager, but it's heads and shoulders above Windows'.

As to MS Office I'll agree Excel is the best spreadsheet, but Word has few advantages over Oo, and MS Access is one of the reasons I'm glad I retire next year. I miss real DBMS languages like NOMAD and it's little brother dBase. I'm still pissed about what MS did to FoxPro after buying it. It was a great little DBMS before Microsoft bought and ruined it.

And Outlook is the absolute WORST email client I've ever had the misfortune of using. They went all MS a couple of years ago where I work and I miss the Novell email client.

I use MS products at work and absolutely HATE them. Microsoft makes the absolute WORST products of anyone's in my opinion.

You were modded troll because it was a troll. I completely agree with the guy who modded you down.

Comment Re:But but but...... (Score 1) 262

People keep saying that private corporations can always do things cheaper than government.

They say that, but they're wrong. Springfield's power company CWLP has cheaper rates, less downtime, and better customer service than any other power company in Illinois. The reason is, as a natural monopoly, the CEO of Amerin is only beholden to the stockholders. What are the customers going to do, use a different power company?

Springfield's ratepayers ARE the stockholders. If the price goes up too much, the service deteriorates, the Mayor loses his job next election.

Oh, and CWLP keeps taxes down by actually turning a profit for the city.

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