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Journal Journal: Whores in Space 5

I was scared shitless; the CEO had called me into his office. Jesus, the fucking CEO! Why would a CEO want a lowly boat captain to talk to him? Yeah, centuries ago ship captains were really important guys, but that was back when they needed crews. I was a glorified bus driver and babysitter.
I liked hauling passengers because at least I'd have somebody to talk to. It takes a long time to get from planet to planet, and it's usually a boring trip. They pay pr

Comment Impressive. (Score 5, Interesting) 196

Living in the middle of Illinois there's a lot of farming news and farm shows around here, and you see an awful ot of impressive tech, and even science. They have self-driving combines and harvesters that use GPS, cell phone apps very useful to them (some control machinery), chemical testing of the spoil and plants available... you have to know a lot to farm these days.

I know someone's going to complain "BUT JOBS!!!" but the jobs the tech in TFA are jobs are jobs only the most desperate want. Agriculture has been constantly replacing jobs with technology for centuries. It takes fewer and fewr to feed more and more.

Someone's going to bring up GM, GM isn't used much around here, most seed is hybrid -- but the biochemists and agronomists have DNA study of the plants they breed.

There's a TV show that comes on here on Sunday morning at 5:30 AM and it's the only OTA show that's not an infomercial, and It's pretty interesting. Here's their website. I'm not a farmer but it is pretty interesting.

I wouldn't consider potted plants "Big Agriculture." That's soybeans, corn, and wheat.

Comment Re:So the value of an ebook is $3? (Score 3, Insightful) 135

Heck, in all honesty, I'd probably drift over to a NetFlix-style rental system if such existed. Pay, say $1 or so to rent a book for a month or so.

Wow, you kids are sure willing to part with your hard-earned cash for shit that used to be free. TV shows, bottled water, books... you can "rent" a book from the public library for free. If I'd had to pay for all the books I've read in my life it would take more money than I've ever earned.

Comment Re:So the value of an ebook is $3? (Score 1) 135

The flawed physical analogy is that electronic "goods" cost nothing to duplicate. If I have paid for the hardcover and they want $3 for the ebook, fuck 'em, I'll go to TPB for the ecopy because I already paid for the damned content when I bought the hardcover.

I'm really sick of the greed these days. Charging extra for an e version when I've paid for it already is just plain wrong. Those people must have no shame or morals at all.

And they have the gall to call pirates "thieves".

Comment Did he say "audio"? (Score 1) 98

I should probably go take a closer look. I've been disappointed so many times, though, that my expectations are not high.

I'm sure someone has already said this, but the fact that this is Linux 3.11 means that the next version will be Linux NT.

Comment undead in the uncanny valley (Score 1) 2

Zbigniew Brzezinski 01 September 2013

How the hell is he still alive?

Zbiggy has always been the poster boy, to my eyes, for the global elite that would like to cut loose the poorest 3/4 of the world's population. If a day ever comes when the elite create a breakaway society, his name will be engraved on the moat that surrounds them.

I'm not even sure I believe it's actually him giving these soundbites to the news. More likely a animatronics display controlled by a murderous AI. He's one of the golems, along with Cheney et al.

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