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Comment Really? (Score 2, Interesting) 531

This has already been done in a way:

I did an implementation with Netscape's LiveWire back in 2000 or so. It was a nightmare.

Javascript is elegant and IMHO a great language, I would love to see new features and performance improvements, but as far as moving this to the desktop? Why? Aren't there enough platforms already?

Comment Re:Uhm... wrong site. (Score 5, Insightful) 511

Being a long time reader myself, I'll have to say /. does have some strong competition of late with Engadget scooping stories first and BoingBoings editorial staff. But what makes this site awesome, is the commenting, moderation and user community. To this day, I often get what I need to know from the article and summaries. Engadget and other sites can not hold a candle to this community.

Kudos to us all!

Comment Just check the milliage (Score 1) 792

"install GPS tracking devices that would report driving habits to roadside RFID scanning devices."

Why? Cars already have to go in for inspection, just check the mileage then and tax appropriately.

Another poster said something about taxing gas more. Not to say we shouldn't be taxing gas more, but that doesn't really work as gas consumed does not reflect mileage driven.

Comment it isn't just the numbers (Score 3, Insightful) 1137

I live in San Francisco and walk/train/bus everyplace. (I do not have a bike) When needed I have access to car via a car sharing program. For 50$ a month I get a pass that gets me anyplace (within the city) with in a relatively timely manner. I have access to a car sharing program that regularly costs me 50$ a month or so on average. Throw in a rental car every two months for a weekend at 100$.

So it averages out to 150$ a month (gas included) to get me every place I want to go.

But really what gets me is the lifestyle benefits, I never have to worry about parking/oil changes/gas prices/insurance nor drinking and driving. I walk a lot and it keeps me looking good and in great shape. Not to mention walking is very relaxing vs driving, I read and listen to pod casts. So not only do I save a lot of money (vs a 500$ monthly car payment), I've greatly reduced my carbon impact, I have less stress in my life, and I'm in better physical shape. How can you put a price on that?

Yes, everyone's situation is very different, I consider myself very fortunate, but then again I brought about my current situation by actively choosing to create this lifestyle.

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