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Comment Pneumatic tubes? (Score 2) 431

Why are the calling them food tubes? We already have Pneumatic tubes. This just a scaled up version. I had a similar idea once for big cities. It might make a lot of sense, especially if it's general purpose, like for the post office.

But "food tubes"... really?!!? That just sounds gross. You brits are weird. How about the "megmatic tube system" that happens to also ship food?

Comment This kind of thinking is dangerous (Score 1) 341

You have to be very careful how this is thought about. Yes, you may consider it private property, but under that analogy we are leasing that space. If this space is paid for, it is our right to do with it what we please. The ISP should not control how we use our leased space, as much as our landlords should not be able to tell us what religion to practice in our leased apartments.

Comment Is it really that bad? (Score 1) 164

From the article:

"Java.exe and javaw.exe support an undocumented-hidden command-line parameter "-XXaltjvm" and curiosly also "-J-XXaltjvm" (see -J switch in javaws.exe). This instructs Java to load an alternative JavaVM library (jvm.dll or from the desired path. Game over."

But you would have to get that DLL or SO there in the first place no?

Comment Really? (Score 2, Interesting) 531

This has already been done in a way:

I did an implementation with Netscape's LiveWire back in 2000 or so. It was a nightmare.

Javascript is elegant and IMHO a great language, I would love to see new features and performance improvements, but as far as moving this to the desktop? Why? Aren't there enough platforms already?

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