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Comment XGameStation also provides retro-gaming hardware (Score 4, Interesting) 83

Another option for retro-gaming hardware is Andre LaMothe's XGameStation line of DIY kits.

Looks like they now have a "Chameleon" line of kits, in both 8- and 16-bit flavors, which are similar to Arduino or BASIC Stamp systems.

I have not personally used these, but they appear to be pretty cool.


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Comment Is this different than the VH1 Classic site? (Score 2, Interesting) 192

At, you can play lots of videos.

These have been available on the VH1 Classic site for quite some time now, I believe.

Since MTV and VH1/VH1 Classic share the same corporate parent, maybe they've just now added the VH1 Classic video content to MTV's site.


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