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Comment Re:Wait.. (Score 1) 411

First of all, Peak Uranium is predicted in around 20 years at current consumption with current technology. Of course you're free to invoke fairy tales about thorium or uranium from seawater. Those exist just as much as fusion exists.
Secondly, even if we magically had all nuclear electric power generation tomorrow it wouldn't fix anything because you can't run trucks, ships or planes on batteries, or replace the entire stock of cars in less than about two decades.

Comment Re:SteamBox just got really interesting (Score 1) 106

Where it gets even more interesting is when you have things like GPU passthrough to a VM. That's something I'm working on right now, virtualizing Windows and passing it a GPU. I have the VM bridged to the network so it has a native IP address and assign it whatever resources I think it needs to play games. This lets me have a pretty beefy server that's running Windows in a VM as well as doing all the other server tasks I ask of it like file serving, Plex, a VM for web development. All in one machine. Then my desktops/laptops are relatively low powered and let my server do all the work. What was old is new again.

Comment Re:How is Burying Africa Under PCs Going to Help? (Score 2) 201

Bravo. I wish I had mod points. Running an OS off a USB stick is not exactly novel - it's been done for years. I can remember my first experiments with Knoppix and a persistent home directory, maybe 5 or 6 years ago.
The one thing that's novel is exploting this idea to make money.

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