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Comment Re:Something will have to give (Score 1) 416

Much of the fresh water used today is fossil water. Desalination uses large amounts of energy, making it a nonstarter except in places like Saudi Arabia (until their oil runs out.)
There is no shortage of energy, just the prices go through the roof. There is enough fossil fuel available to drive CO2 to 1,000 ppmv.
Resources such as phosphorus and potassium are diluted into a unusable form (runoff) by agriculture.

Comment Re:Something will have to give (Score 2, Informative) 416

Efficiency improvements have never been able to compensate for growth. They aren't even today in the US. All reduction in energy consumption was due to the recession, as the recent record numbers for oil consumption show.

Malthus was only delayed by the fossil fuel bonanza which is coming to an end.

Comment Something will have to give (Score 0) 416

It's blatantly obvious that numbers like population and energy, food and water consumption are unsustainable given the finite resources on Earth. The question is just what the brick wall will be that puts and end to it, or if it's going to be a combination of several.
Personally I don't believe in the methane bomb but it will be yet another positive feedback (of 7 or 8) that will cause global warming to exceed expectations.

Comment Re:Euh, no? (Score 1) 278

7850 has one dual-link and one single-link DVI output. There are no 7850s with two dual-link DVI outputs (except somebody might integrate an active DP->DVI converter chip.).

GCN allows two non-DP outputs plus all DP outputs to run in parallel. I run three Korean 2560x1440 on the dual-link DVI and the two DP outputs on my 7850, plus one 1920x1080 on HDMI. This is supported by fglrx (sucks; crashy) and by the latest kernel/driver code but the only distro that has it today is Fedora 19. Ubuntu saucy should have it too but it doesn't work yet - at least not when I tried it two weeks ago.

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