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Comment Re:Vitamins aren't the problem. (Score 1) 707

Bravo. Also the fallacy is that supplementing the few substances we happen to know about gives you the full benefit of eating the whole product. New substances are discovered every day and nobody is even thinking about testing out combinations of many of them. OTOH, that's what evolution has done for millions of years.

Comment Re:Wait.. (Score 1) 87

You seem to confuse price and cost. I've been lurking on the ARM-netbook mailing list for a while; this stuff is dirt cheap to make in China. There's a reason why high volume low end Linux based systems have come down to $30-$40.
USB2 and 100baseT is probably built into the SoC while USB3 or GbE needs an additional IC.

Comment Re:NIMBY (Score 1) 436

> Our society craves more power (of all kinds!) and capitalism flourishes when each participant is continuously consuming more and more.

The US are past peak cars and peak passenger-miles. Peak total energy won't be long. After that, terminal decline. Much of that can be compensated for by efficiency improvements but not all.

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