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Comment Re:Seriously (Score 1) 468

I think anyone with half a brain can figure that part out; the trickier question is what form of more money is the most effective. Just giving everyone a one-time, unconditional raise will make them happy for a while, but the slackers won't be any more motivated by it, and eventually the happiness will wear off to boot. So you need to structure the monetary rewards in some way that gives people the incentive to work to earn those rewards.

Comment Re:...a worker's paradise... (Score 1) 481

It isn't companies's jobs to pay workers "fairly".

Bullshit. It is the job of everyone in a civilized society (companies included) to act in an ethical fashion. This includes not abusing the imbalance of power in an employer-employee relationship to push down wages, as almost all companies do. In other words, it includes paying employees fairly even though they don't (strictly speaking) have to.

Nor do they have the resources to do so since more compensation is always "fairer" than less. "Fairness" here is just another kind of greed.

Also bullshit. Companies don't necessarily have the resources to give everyone a big fat raise, but they often have the resources to do more than they are. Real example: my sister works for a manufacturing company that does profit sharing. They spread 5% (an incredible pittance) of the profits out amongst the entire employee base. Each employee sees a ridiculously small sum from this, naturally. The company could easily increase the share of the profits - even at only 20% of the profit shared the amount is less like an insult and more like an incentive to do better, and lots of money is still left for the ownership. Not to mention that this is profit that's being divided - they could divide as much as 100% of the profit for the employees, and they would, by definition, have the resources to do it.

Nor is there a shred of truth to your statement that "fairness" is another kind of greed. People that ask for fair treatment aren't asking for a fucking $100,000/year salary plus exorbitant benefits to push a button on the factory line. They're asking for more than the lowest possible amount the company can get away with paying them. It's not a lot to ask, considering how much many companies abuse their employees.

Comment Re:...a worker's paradise... (Score 1) 481

Right, because companies totally can't afford to compensate their workers more fairly. Apple would certainly go out of business if they had to pay a reasonable wage for the labor they use!

Come on, man. One can go too far in the direction of protecting employees' interests, but that isn't what's going on here. These decisions are driven by pure greed, nothing more or less.

Comment Re:Am I getting old? (Score 1) 45

You mean that manufactured controversy where a bunch of oversensitive idiots got worked up about something that was in no way offensive? Yeah man, let's all boycott PA because of that.

PA had exactly the right response to those idiots who complained about the comic with the dickwolves: made fun of them for being so ridiculous as to read into the thing some kind of endorsement of rape. If you're that stupid, you deserve to be made fun of by every person around who's not a halfwit.

Comment Re:Why isn't he being arrested? (Score 1) 340

I'll be the last to deny the health benefits of pasteurization. But, as I grew up on a dairy farm, we drank raw milk all the time (cause it would be kind of dumb to go buy milk at the store when you have a large supply at your home). Having grown up on that stuff, I cannot stand the taste of pasteurized milk. There is a very significant difference in flavor between the two, and the pasteurized stuff literally makes me gag. When I was a kid I almost made myself throw up trying to force myself to drink the stuff they gave us at school.

So yeah, pasteurization has some great benefits, but there's also a perfectly legitimate reason for people to want to have raw milk. Why shouldn't we permit those who prefer their milk that way to be able to obtain it?

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