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Comment Re:Umm... (Score 3, Insightful) 164

excellent points , wind farms protect land and offer us the best compromise for getting power with low environmental impacts.

i for one find them enchantingly beautiful , monuments to both the intelligence and sensitivity of humans.

There are lots of designs beyond the big spinning blade models , you can use the vibration of taught threads and vertical rotating blades
(think spinning signs) so its possible to fit wind generation to lots of different sites.

the answer to the question of where to get our power is that there is not one answer but many little distributed answers :)


Comment Re:Rational (Score 1) 807

the original south american tobacco could be considered a weed but the american Y1 and other commerical varieties are so selectively bread that they are practically a new species.

They have different effects , wild tobacco is almost hallucinogenic and non-addictive whereas
commercial tobacco is just addictive because of
its extreme nicotene content.

if you dont believe me check wikipedia

Comment Re:That gets a lot done (Score 1) 303

no he fought because he was duped by his government into risking his life for the advancement of the governments agendas.

If you invade another country you dont kill all the people in the process , otherwise there is no value and anyone left hates you , thus individuals have very little to fear from other countries , politicans have everything to lose.

Politicians will always try delude the foolish into fighting for them because it not only provides a physical manifestation of their power but provides advertising in the form of the patriotism bullshit that people spout when there
is a war on . read 1984 people.

I'm not saying any individual in a war is not brave or courageous but lets stop pretending
they are doing anything but corporate dirty work
and see this situation for all it is. legalised murder . watch generation kill people.

As long as war is an option peace isnt .


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