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Comment Re:Um... (Score 4, Interesting) 268

I would speculate that those who pretend spending is the only problem probably ignore much of the past 15 years of government action.

You mean the last fifteen years where spending has gone from 1.6 trillion to 3.7 trillion? Where total tax revenue is still at the highest it's ever been? Where we would have an instant surplus if we could simply bring the federal budget down to where it was in 2004?

Comment Re:Confusing summary (Score 1, Troll) 93

Scientific American is a shadow of its former self. It was a great and respectable magazine 20 years ago; now it is barely more than a 'Discovery' or 'Popular Science'... more parts marketing and fluff than science. I loved it when I was a kid, and now I just feel sad whenever I see a 'Scientific American very special theme issue' on the shelves.

Comment Re:What are you worried about? (Score 1) 333

Holy crap. You prompted me to check their stock prices. I had thought that smart people were going to begin divesting themselves soon; hadn't realized it had already started happening.

I don't think Apple is in severe trouble; they've got the money and resources to survive for years and years. However, they are going to be re-evaluated down to a rational level, and that's going to be a huge shock for some people.

Comment Re:three words, one hyphen: (Score 2) 549

You're missing the principle.

If I make lots of hats, and lots of people want hats, I might be able to charge $20 each. If I decide to make few hats, I might be able to charge $50 each. That is what Apple is doing, and it's a clear consequence of supply and demand.

Another clear consequence of supply and demand is the fact that other hat-makers will see the opportunity, make hats, increase the supply, and allow people to purchase cheap hats... except for the idiots that are demanding overpriced hats. That again is supply and demand, and that again is what is happening in the marketplace in which Apple resides.

Neither strategy is cheating, any more than choosing a different material to build a house is cheating.

Comment Re:three words, one hyphen: (Score 1) 549

The millions of inexpensive and increasingly competitive android alternatives to the ipad are clear proof that competition drives prices down.

The problem with the healthcare market is that (1) it is too highly regulated and (2) there is no real marketplace because customers are insulated from the true price by layers of insurance and benefits.

Comment Re:Thank's Google! (Score 4, Insightful) 515

The advertising revenue from a video with 16 million hits is too minor to have even factored into the decision.

Now, it may not have been strictly a corporate belief in free speech; it may have been a self-interested decision that if they start caving into demands like this they'll end up severely crippled in a few years... but I'm ok with that as a motivator.

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