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Comment not sure... (Score 1) 248

Ok, this isn't rigorous at all (obviously), but it seems to me that if the size of the gap continuously grew, but fluctuated randomly, you would still have an infinite number of primes close together even though the average distance between them never stopped increasing. They would become fewer and fewer, but never stop, and hence would be infinite.

Not doubting the guy's work, but I'm doubting the summary's "the gaps between consecutive numbers don't keep growing forever."

Comment Re:The author has the RAW file. Case closed (Score 2) 182

Personally I know of no software that can currently reverse a jpeg into raw.

Me neither, and now that I think of it, that's kind of a glaring hole. Somebody needs to write one, so that the entire chain of evidence can be faked. At this point, I think it's better to establish in everybody's mind that no photos can be trusted, rather than some notion that the fakes can still be distinguished from the real.

Comment Re:Florida (Score 5, Insightful) 1078

I think you may be missing the point of condemning racism if you find it acceptable to casually condemn an entire region as being of similar mind.

Exactly, and that goes on a lot, even among otherwise intelligent people. "That *large diverse group* is so bigoted!"

Not only are comments like that repulsive because of their innate stupidity, they're harmful because they are recasting the basic elements of racism and bigotry in a more socially tolerable guise, against a group that the poster feels it's OK to condemn based on stereotypes.

And I'm not from the south, so this isn't defensiveness. It's irritation. Just think about what you say.

Comment Re:now we wait (Score 3, Insightful) 586

Good post. The anti-GMO crowd is as foolish and dangerous as the anti-vaccine crowd. And, like the anti-vaccine crowd, they are self-deluded, and convinced that they are right, despite the absolute lack of any evidence.

The only point they have in their favor is the questionable behaviors of certain companies, which are a consequence of some bad laws we have, not anything to do with the technology.

Comment Re:The biggest problem (Score 1) 111

Yeah. I switch between Firefox & Chrome, do a fair amount of browsing and gaming, and I don't think I've ever ran anything that used WebGL. Has it just not hit yet, or is it like VML, and will never be commonly used?

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