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Comment Re:teach 'em a lesson (Score 1) 136

I think the treatment of DigiNotar vs Comodo is really an issue of 'too big to fail'. Removing DigiNotar was essentially a painless exercise because nobody used their certs. I very much doubt they would follow the same course of action for a major player such as Comodo.

Comment Re:Tape/climate control (Score 1) 397

Taiyo Yuden claims a 70 year shelf life, but they have only been around for what, 8 years tops?

The company itself has been around for 60 years. Granted, they haven't been optical discs for all that time, however their oldest discs are coming up for 30 years now, so there should be some indicator of quality by now.

Comment Re:Android is not Linux (Score 1) 107

  • There are a ton of free (cost & licence) applications for Windows. For almost every Linux application, there will be an open source equivalent for Windows, often the exact same program.
  • Do you know why most of the applications in the Ubuntu package manager are free? Because almost nobody develops commercial software for Linux.
  • As to the cost of Android apps, Google only takes their cut if you sell through them. Unlike Apple's ecosystem, you have the choice to distribute through other marketplaces or just by throwing the APK online for people to download. I don't know if Google restricts the licences of apps distributed through their market, but no one can stop you releasing the source if you're distributing the app yourself.
  • Android is, for the most part, open source. As for other distros, perhaps you've heard of CyanogenMod?
  • Anyone can develop for Android. For free. Here's the SDK for you. And as I mentioned, you can freely distribute the APK once you've finished.

Comment Re:Microsoft becoming a lawyer company à la S (Score 1) 276

The latest reports claim 500,000 units per day , which is up from 300,000/day at the end of last year and 160,000/day from a year ago. If Microsoft could get $10 per phone at those numbers, that's almost $2 billion a year in effectively pure profit, or around 10% of their yearly profit. And in all likelihood Android's numbers are only going to continue growing.

Facebook Connect Exposes Hulu User Data 60

An anonymous reader writes "Over the weekend, Hulu rolled out Facebook Connect integration. Almost immediately after launch, Hulu had to pull the feature as the company discovered a technical issue affecting a limited number of users. More specifically, some users weren't seeing their own Hulu account information upon login, but someone else's."

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