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Comment Re:Try flat antennas (Score 1) 4

Well that's my point, I also saw those and wondered if they worked as reviews on that style could go either way. So in buying 1 cheap flat antenna, I ended up finding a gem! I went back and bought plenty more, not just for me but for others as well.

Comment Almost human? (Score 1) 195

They can only "walk like humans" if they can't walk in a straight line! They just tested out that 'myth' on mythbuster of humans not walking straight unless they can see where they're going. It was really interesting to see, even the swimming portion. If you haven't seen it, check it out:

Premiere: Oct. 12, 2011

Is it impossible for humans (without a point of reference) to walk in a straight line, such as when they're blindfolded? Will binary explosives, well, explode in the case of a fender bender? The MythBusters are on the case.

Comment Re:There is Always More Work to Do (Score 1) 990

Although there is always more work to do, that doesn't mean there's always people who want to do it. Interestingly enough, I think part of the reason for advancement in technology (on farms) was not only for greater profit, but also to replace the hard to find work. Sure, "anyone" could work the farm, but that doesn't mean they were any good at it OR they wanted to do it. Having read books about migrant workers, they were very poorly treated and extremely underpaid - both because they were "undocumented workers."

  Now adays you can't get "documented" workers to break their backs on farms, so technology plays a great role in that sense. Unfortunately the same people who don't want to break their backs, I would argue, probably don't want to take the time learn anything demanding because in the end, the people who are willing to break their backs, we could say are willing to do anything for work including learning things for better opportunities in life.

Comment It's too late! (Score 1) 990

When you fill out on-line lines of credit applications robots decide on a variety of factors if you qualify or not! They can decide to approve or deny them, OR send them for human (I assume human) revision to approve or deny. So lets get rid of these robots! Except the ones that drive you, that would be pretty sweeet!

Comment Re:Flight (Score 1) 255

hah funny! I think my significant other actually has this ability and she can always seem to see in almost complete darkness with ease, not only pulling clothes out of drawers but telling me which one she's grabbing! Its a little game we play :P

Comment And the NRA is the 13th monkey! (Score 1) 8

See, if we ALL had guns, we wouldn't have to worry about "escaped" "exotic" animals! We could all "protect" ourselves with our awesome array of automatic weapons! (AAA for short). Deregulation is interesting, here in California, we tried that with a few things before... ended up with a recalled governor and and some small issues with our electric power supply.

The joke's on me, because I never thought Michelle Buchannan would say anything I could agree with, but she did. "Turn the 999 plan upside down and the devil's in the details".

That had dawned on me the first time I heard the so called "9-9-9 plan," and was waiting for someone to say it!

Comment Re:So.... (Score 1) 191

My buddy who went to MIT in the late 90's told me his frat brother was working on a similar project, which is a table that projects an image into real space. Although I was really excited, I was even more bummed out when he said it was a gov't project (mil) and that it would be many years before it ever made it out to commercial space. So if this is "3 years away" from commercial use, we could have this within 10 years lol... it'll still be cool, right?

Comment Interesting (Score 1) 1

I wasn't aware that the problem of how flighted animals evolved existed. But now I learned, from the ground up or from the tree down. The video was pretty cool and makes things really clear in explaining the advantage of simply flapping wings even without the ability to take off.

Comment Ghost in the Shell (Score 1) 258

I've said it time and time again, what appears in the anime series will happen some day, which is what the author touches on. We'll have partially to fully enhanced humans, and then a whole slew of fully robotic devices including gynoids. I assume it'll be mostly for the better, but just as the series touches on that the same helpful things could be used in nefarious ways.

If you haven't check out GITS before, do so now it's grrrrrrrrreat!

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