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Comment Re:Awesome project, deceiving "resolution" (Score 1) 120

Well I can tell you it certainly doesn't end well on the windows side either if you choose to click "Set as Desktop Background" instead of the "Open With" option that lives right below. It ate right through all my glorious 8 gigs of memory and pegged my i7 for a good minute before I could kill explorer. I would not recommend it in the future...

Comment Re:Biassed author (Score 1) 381

Ok so I appologize about the display driver part, I just guessed that cause I know a lot of people do it. And I am aware of the reviews but it depends on the game. I play America's Army, Halo, CS, and FEAR the most. They all show very similar or slightly higher fps. I know some games are still slower though. Also the last driver version I installed (101.41 from Nvidia) was the first to show that kind of performance which is another reason I brought that up. It does go to show though that when newer drivers are released it could get even better. The last part I am sticking to though since I just re-installed on a new hard disk about 3 days ago and I just checked the size of the windows folder and found it to be 7.6GB. If you add in the User folders before adding my junk to them that puts you almost right at 8GB.

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