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Comment Re:Know what this means? (Score 5, Insightful) 225

Between applications from recent grads that can't find jobs, ex-grads currently working at Starbucks, and those folks laid off to increase CEO paychecks, EVERY job market is already flooded. Might as well do something you enjoy for 4 years. You're going to be fucked after that no matter what field you go into.

Comment Re:Explaination (Score 1) 351

If people found out what the companies were trying to force down our throats, there'd be an uprising.

You couldn't find enough people with an attention span long enough to rise against anything. If they found out about this they'd be upset until the next thing flashed on their TV screens.

Comment not worth it (Score 1) 244

I've beta tested some commercial games and actually took the testing part seriously. Result? Nothing changed. Now I just do it for the free preview. And as for sending in bug reports for open source projects? One of three results: 1. It's fine, go away. 2. Nothing changes, no response. 3. "Didn't you see bug report #463-394Z filed four years ago describes a similar problem in another screen? Wow, you're dumb! You should read over our bug report archive before filing a report."

Comment Re:Steves coolaid (Score 1) 367

If you want to fight their closedness, you first have to make your open systems appealing and easy to use. Get a clue, people.

When people defend FOSS defects with statements like, "if you don't like it, don't use it" or, "if you don't like it, make it better" I wish they'd consider the quoted statement first. Every alienated user that makes his way to Apple is one less user buying the hardware you want to buy. And once it's no longer worthwhile for manufacturers to make that hardware you're shit out of luck unless you plan on porting your favorite open OS to the TI calculator.

Comment Re:I agree (Score 1) 902

[quote]I still know small business owners who refuse to hire non-white employees.[/quote] And there are many, many large businesses who will hire an underqualified minority candidate over a white candidate any day to fulfill affirmative action quotas. [quote]Obviously there is something going on, and unless you know how bad the problem is, there's no way to figure out how to fix it.[/quote] Agreed, but remaining fixated on skin color is only going to exacerbate the problem. I know people of all colors who are quite well off and many others who aren't. Programs like affirmative action designed to fix the balance in a quick, crude way only serve to get under the skin of those passed over for opportunities because they're not a minority. A better solution would be to figure out what caused those 1 in 9 black males between 18 and 25 to do something that landed them in jail. I doubt they just happened to be hanging around 7-11 at 4 AM when a bunch of white guys in ski masks broke in and stole a bunch of 12-packs. That's a tough, complicated issue to deal with - the sort of thing nobody's going to touch with a 10 foot pole because it gets into some very personal subjects.

Comment Re:It's been a while, but... (Score 1) 144

I'm forced to use Novell enterprise software at work and while I'm not sure how it compares to other enterprise email/scheduling bundles I can tell you that it is far inferior to Google's offerings. The calendar is excessively clicky and unintuitive with an interface that looks like it hasn't been updated since the 80s. Contacts are equally strange. Email... I'm really not sure what a cabinet is supposed to be, why there is a separate folder for documents, and why sending emails into an archive throws them into a bottomless pit whence they rarely return. I'm reasonably sure that if companies weren't locked into Novell software and had more competent management so as not to get sucked into using Novell in the first place that Novell would be out of business.

EU Privacy Chief Says ACTA Violates European Law 136

An anonymous reader writes "Peter Hustinx, the European Data Protection Supervisor, has issued a 20-page opinion expressing concern about ACTA (PDF). Michael Geist's summary of the opinion notes that it concludes that the prospect of a three-strikes and you're out system may violate European privacy law, that the possibility of cross-border enforcement raises serious privacy issues, and that ACTA transparency is needed now."

French Net Censorship Plan Moves Forward 108

angry tapir writes "French lawmakers have voted to approve a draft law to filter Internet traffic that Slashdot previously discussed. The government says the measure is intended to catch child pornographers. The Senate, where the government has a majority, will soon give the bill a second reading. If the Senate makes no amendments to the text, that will also be its final reading, as the government has declared the bill 'urgent,' a procedural move that reduces the usual cycle of four readings to two."

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