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Comment Re:How long? (Score 1) 165

they haven't installed PV to cover their usual energy consumption so why would they install PV to charge your car?

Because there's a finite amount of electrical energy available to them due to real-world considerations, and a time may come when they may not actually be able to buy more. If we substantially increase our use of EVs without increasing our centralized power generation capability, we'll have to increase it in a distributed fashion. Also, solar panels can improve the life of roofs, and these are roofs which are already predominantly flat and thus less hazardous to wander around on.

Comment Re:crush us before we leave the nest (Score 1) 453

Do you feel an uncontrollable desire to nuke the African continent? If not, I can't see why a superior alien species would want to destroy our planet.

Hasn't this been covered before? It depends on how superior. If we're vermin to them, it's cheap and convenient to dispose of us before we become a major infestation.

I don't buy it either, but it's at least an explanation.

Comment Re:London Cabbies are different (Score 1) 417

So I see their point. They're a group of professionals.... who act like professionals. They've put a lot of time and effort into becoming such, I'd want to protect my turf as well.

If they're better, they should be competitive. Either way, they'll be put out of business by self-driving cars sooner or later, absent buggy-whip protectionism.

Comment Re:How long? (Score 1, Insightful) 165

Sounds good on paper, however unless the person who uses this is a night worker the whole array is pretty much next to useless since most day workers would have taken their electric car to work and only return to park under their now non functioning solar car port once the sun has gone down.


So I think I would be fairly confident to say that with regard to recharging the electric car most of the charging would actually be from the mains.

Well, let's cover the office and the shopping center and the parking garage with solar panels. At least some of it could come from the sky at the point of use. And if you're going to run a lot of capacity there anyway so that cars which are there can be charged, it's a good place to site the panels even when they're not being used locally.

Comment Re:I can tell this article is worthless from the s (Score 1) 333

NASA "warns", does not mean NASA "says it is impossible".

Perhaps you should open up your dictionary, and flip to "Skeptical". If you're skeptical of a design, you don't think it will work. HTH.

NASA "warns" implies it IS possible but there are other challenges to overcome.

Yes, that's what I said. You don't get to repeat back what I said and then tell me I said something else.

Basic comprehension people.

You're one of them, eh? Why not join the advanced comprehension people? Assuming you're out of elementary school.

Comment Re:Responsibility trumps choosing inaction (Score 1) 800

You have free will. That doesn't mean you have a free pass.

So just to be clear, you're willing to bear responsibility for any deaths that you're in a position to prevent, as well as for any that you cause? Because pretty much everyone in the western world is already on the hook.

Comment Re:Competaganda (Score 1) 88

If you haven't found something better in life than sex, then I feel sorry for you.

Uh, seriously? I mean, I get that you might enjoy other things more. But in terms of a full shall we say multimedia experience which exercises every sense and conceivably every emotion you should be able to comprehend why some people might enjoy sex at least as much as, if not more than, any other act.

Comment Re:Bad example (Score 1) 800

To me, what is moral is helping when you have the ability to help.

Oh, you think we're arguing about what is moral? Well, that explains your confusion. If you follow this particular thread, we are arguing over what is murder, not what is moral. There are other threads for that.

For what it's worth, I agree with you. I think it's probably immoral or at best amoral to not throw the switch. But throwing it is still murder.

Comment Re:Bad example (Score 2) 800

So, you admit you made a choice that resulted in people dying. Thus, you killed them.

Wrong again. You fail both English and Logic.

Choosing to kill people is also known as 'murder'.

This sentence contains the explanation as to why you are an idiot. Choosing to watch someone be killed and choosing to kill someone are very, very different things. And so yes, choosing to kill people is known as murder, but not choosing to kill three people in order to save three hundred people is not known as murder, while choosing to kill three people in order to save three hundred people is murder. It may well be considered justifiable, but it is still murder. Unless, perhaps, you claim that you didn't think, and you just sort of moved of your own volition. In that case, it might well merely be homicide.

However, unless it is specifically, contractually your obligation to pull that lever to minimize deaths, it is not your responsibility to make that decision, whether it is even murder or not. Which it is, but only if you pull the lever, and cause the deaths of three people who would have lived if you had done nothing but observe.

Comment Re:Bad example (Score 1) 800

If you have the ability to stop something but don't, or participate in keeping something going, then you are just as much to blame as what caused it in the first place.

False equivocation. If you're a guard keeping people in someplace they're going to be killed, that's a lot different from J. Random Bystander. It's active cooperation, as opposed to passive. There may not be any moral high ground, but there's certainly one point lower than the other in your example.

Also, I heart Godwin. Feel free to invoke.

Comment Re:Bad example (Score 1, Insightful) 800

Semantics. You'll still have their blood on your hands.

Well no, no I won't. Because I didn't cause the train crash to begin with.

Idiots like you can say anything they want about inaction, but it's not the same as action no matter how you slice it.

A lie of Omission is still a lie.

A lie of omission depends on a statement which omits something. Not pulling a lever is not at all comparable; a statement is an action. Not pulling a lever is not an action.

Choosing the default is still a choice.

Sure. But in this case, it is not a choice which leads to murder, and no amount of arguing otherwise will make it so. If you want to argue that murder is more moral than watching those people die, go right ahead. You clearly have no fucking idea what you're on about, otherwise.

Comment Re:Competaganda (Score 1) 88

Really, there's more to life than getting laid.

Sure there is. But if it's good, it's immensely rewarding, and it's free. Spending a lot of time playing video games and not fucking can cause you to lose perspective. I think both are worthwhile pursuits. Overall we have demonized sex in most modern societies but it's fun, it's good for you if you don't catch something nasty, and it's a hell of a lot more engaging than most video games. Especially ones that were cross-bred with a spreadsheet.

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