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Comment Re:Why nVidia only? (Score 1) 211

At this time, nVidia is trying to go it more alone, while ATI is closely coupling itself to Microsoft and Sony.

It's turned out well for nVidia so far, but the reason they can't give us driver sources like they're doing with Tegra is that they got too far into bed with Microsoft...

Comment Re:Take responsibility for your actions (Score 1) 617

You didn't reply because you had nothing. There was no lie in my similar example of bank overpayment.

The lie is that it is similar. I will take this last moment, even though I said I wouldn't, in the interest of a final attempt to make the world a better place. There is simply no congruence between a bank error and someone putting something in a box and sending it to you, and it arriving on your doorstep — obligating you to do something about it. By suggesting that it is the recipient's problem when someone sends them something unsolicited, you are advocating slavery. You may subject anyone to obligation simply by sending them something. Granted, it is a tiny little piece of servitude, but the duration does not alter the degree to which it is true. The postal service is meant to work for The People, not the other way around.

It is simply unreasonable to place the burden upon the recipient. If you cannot avoid addressing the wrong thing and putting it in the mail and sending it to someone, you probably should not be in business. If you cannot manage to provide return shipping information in such a case, you definitely deserve to take a loss on the goods which you incompetently sent out, forcing someone else to spend their time (which they will never get back) dealing with your mistake. In fact, you should be obligated to pay them for their time if you want the goods returned, since your error has caused them actual damages — time and effort lost. And in this particular example, also the delay of arrival of goods which were promised and paid for.

Most of these issues do not exist at all in the case of a bank error, which is also completely different because you are expected to track your own bank balance. You are not expected to fill the shipping crate at the internet retailer from whom you make purchases. There is simply no congruence whatsoever between the two situations, and your insistence that there is proves that you're suffering from cognitive dissonance. You think you're smart, and that smart people are right, and therefore you can't be wrong. Well, you can be smart and wrong.

Comment Re:salt and de-icer (Score 1) 207

FWD is cheaper and gives you a flat floorpan - that is the primary reason why it was adopted.

Well, it's supposed to be cheaper on gas since the engine is pulling you forward instead of pushing.

Who told you that, and do you still listen to them? Because they're an idiot. FWD is cheaper on gas because it reduces driveline loss and powertrain weight.

But, I've been in a few North American cars which, despite being FWD, have a big hump going through the middle for no good reason, the same as if there was a drive shaft to the rear wheels.

There are two good reasons why that might happen, and a third on tap. One, the design is intended to be AWD. Two, the design was originally a RWD design, the tunnel is critical to its rigidity, and it can't simply be designed out. Third, the tunnel is accommodating the exhaust system.

It made absolutely no sense, and the only thing I can figure is the car company decided it would be more expensive to retool the plant to actually give this flat floorpan.

No, they'd have to redesign the unibody and retool the plant.

I've also seen several cars which still more or less put in a rear axle (even if it's not a drive axle) when you'd be better using independent suspension. The Pontiac Aztec and I think some of the Dodge minivan type things are good examples of this.

This is a cost and weight issue. A rear torsion bar (which is what's on those vehicles) is both cheaper and lighter than a fully independent rear suspension, which not only needs the suspension links but also the subframe to which they attach.

Comment Re:Winter tires (Score 1) 207

Drive something like a BMW where the weight distribution is close to 50/50 and you don't have such an advantage from FWD.

Wait, what? Now look. Making the vehicle RWD improves the weight distribution. But actually, a 60% front weight is ideal in the snow, it helps you keep from swapping ends in a slide because when there's no traction, the heavy end wants to go first. Rear-engine cars are the absolute worst in snow, AWD is the best, FWD is in the middle. Front-engined, rear-wheel-drive cars are not too bad, because they tend to have good weight balance so they are at least relatively predictable, but they're far from the best option in slippery conditions.

Many RWD vehicles are poorly balanced in order to make them understeer

No, they're poorly balanced because it was cheap.

I would actually argue (from my own experience) that a well balanced RWD car is easier to drive in the snow than many FWD cars.

Put less driving skill into it, drive like a normal person, then say that again.

Comment Re:What are they really saying? (Score 1) 207

Unless there was a helicopter hovering up ahead with a LIDAR terrain mapping unit feeding 3d simulations to some on-board computer and it happened to be running the right simulation model, I cannot see how any cyber-widget could have come to the same conclusion as I did.

It wouldn't. Instead, it would have applied power to any driven wheels which could make use of it, and applied braking to any slipping wheel individually, which you cannot do. You probably would have never noticed the loss of traction to begin with if traveling at typically low speeds.

AFAIK heavy trucks don't have to have the driving aids which are now mandatory on all passenger cars in the developed world, but one day they will.

Comment Re: Writing 32 lines is not "Learning CS" (Score 1) 287

Unfortunately, this new interest comes at a time when the big players in the industry, like Apple, are well along in the process of doing away with the general purpose computer and replacing it with walled garden tablet like devices who's primary purpose is mindless consumption.

I can't speak to iOS, but on Android you can make apps without even learning to program by stringing actions together in Tasker.

Comment Re:Please grow up (Score 1) 131

I've got a feeling that a lot of people in gaming are still living in the days where only men make purchasing decisions, because penis=power.

I've got a feeling that a lot of people are living in the world where young men from 18-35 dispose of a massive portion of the world's disposable income on bullshit like video games and movies. As far as I know, they are still where the money is. They spend more on entertainment, I'd court them as well.

Comment Re:Electric cars are impressive power houses (Score 1) 296

The PTO is a function of the transmission. That's how tow trucks, dump-bed trucks, and other mechanical-powered trucks use their engines for tasks.

I'm trying very hard to figure out in what way that is a relevant response to my comment, and I'm coming up blank. I know what a PTO is and what it does. Nothing in my comment suggested otherwise.

Comment Re:Jackpot (Score 1) 617

You are throwing that "liar" word around a lot today and still haven't had the courage to reply to my post where I took you to task for it.

I didn't reply to that comment because it was fucking stupid. You should know where. And if you don't, what's the point of even continuing? I won't change your mind.

I'll leave it to your imagination as to what that shows about you and what your parents would think of you.

It shows that at that moment, I didn't want to waste my time with more of your bullshit. And one of my parents is dead and I don't talk to the other one, and good riddance on both counts.

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