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Comment Re:Should I get an iPhone rather than Android (Score 1) 154

Yeah, but for the android device, its as simple as selecting "skip" when asked to log into google, then installing an alternative app market of your choice through the web browser. Oh, you might have to enable installing apps from other sources, a simple tick in the settings.

Hardly the same thing.

Comment Re:Yelp should idemnify her (Score 1) 424

Honestly, being a licensed contractor in my state and dealing with residential construction for almost 15 years now, licensing means almost nothing. All it says is you payed your monetary dues and are bonded IF the county the work performed in requires it. Most states have no requirements that you be licensed and it is not illegal to operate without the license. Additionally, if you are in a county that requires bonding, you are still required to have that insurance if you are not licensed.

All contractors should be researched and you should ask for references. Being licensed doesn't make them any less likely to be incompetent or rip you off in my experience.

Comment Re:I dont blame power amplifiers (Score 1) 110

Pretty much every android device out there is now rated above 7 hours talk time. I don't know what planet you come from, but that is easily double what smart phones did 4 years ago when they weren't dominant of the cell market.

Motorola actually did what you are suggesting in their Droid Razr model, offering one with a 2.5x capacity battery called 'Maxx" or some such. Very few people sprang the extra money for the extra battery because 8 hours talk time was already sufficient. Most people aren't power users like we are.

Comment Unrealistic budget (Score 5, Insightful) 372

As a general contractor, assuming you are doing things(paint, flooring, maybe light fixtures and blinds) to the entire 3000 sq ft, your budget that remains purely for tech is going to be approximately zero. Its doubtful that budget would even allow for much of a kitchen/bath update depending on what part of the country you are in.

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