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Comment Re:Arsehole (Score 1) 1051

If you go read the full email, Linus explains exactly what is wrong, introducing the File/Path not found error code when the reason the file is not that at all and we aren't even in path handling code. He then goes onto actually chew him out for it, then points out just how many times this one issue is wrong in the code. The reason pulseaudio is crashing is cause it's not expecting such an error from the kernel after the kernel has already told it it has found and opened the file.

Comment Re:Do you heat your house? (Score 1) 328

There is still conversion and inefficiencies in that and transport inefficiencies when burning stuff. Combustion is a chemical to kinetic (mostly) energy transfer no such transfer is 100% efficient as we want heat in this case the losses are the light and sound emitted. If burning wood one needs a transport truck to get it from where the the tree was chopped down and with gas there are pumps keeping the pipes under pressure and there are friction losses in the pipes. Finally one can never get more energy out of a system than put into it, heat pumps don't use less energy but instead they take it from somewhere else other than the electricity coming down the power line.

Comment Re:And... (Score 3, Informative) 131

Actually, it was in reply to the wife part. It was quite common (especially in France, but also in England and Scotland) for the king or their heir apparent to marry for political alliances but maintain a mistress (in France, sometimes more than one simultaneously). Therefore the Queens/Wives knew about it and were often quite happy with the arrangement. Frequently the mistress was given title, power in the royal court and rather luxurious lodgings. They also were often married themselves. The most famous of these is Jeanne Antoinette Poisson also known as Madame de Pompadour who had a cordial relationship with the queen of France,

Comment Re:Get A Real Job! (Score 1) 103

Sorry, are you complaining at those using the most green form of energy for a powered vehicle? Maybe you should think about where else the technology can be applied to. Also we would be nowhere without our culture, and sailing is a major part of that culture. All work and no play makes for a very dull, rebellious person.

Comment Re:So (Score 1) 103

0MPH? It'll have a broken mast ripped sails and capsized. Not to mention one couldn't control it, probably even reefing the sails to their most extreme reefing point wouldn't help. The maximum speed of a sailboat doesn't just increase with windspeed, it's a bit more complicated than that.

Comment Re:Its worse than that. (Score 2) 263

The message was sent to GCHQ in Cheltnam to decode, GCHQ is what replaced the Government Code and Cipher School which was based at Bletchley Park and had 2 tasks: 1) keep our communications secure using codes and ciphers and 2) break AXIS codes and ciphers. People focus on the second one but the first is also important and we were very good at both parts. Now they kept copies of the code books like you describe (our bomber crews replaced them regularly and were charged with burning their copies if they crashed), these were mostly used for spoken communication where one is still saying words into a radio. I expect they just can't figure out which cipher key was used as this is a cipher not a code. And they would just have to go through the codebooks to find the right one if they found it was a code too.

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