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Submission + - Chinese Hackers Target Canadian Buisnesses (www.cbc.ca)

snowraver1 writes: A leading cyber-crime expert says foreign hackers who launched a massive attack on Canadian government computers last fall also broke into the data systems of prominent Bay Street law firms and other companies to get insider information on an attempted $38-billion corporate takeover. Daniel Tobok, whose international cyber-sleuthing company was called in by a number of the firms hit by the attacks, says the hacking spree from computers in China were all connected to last year's ultimately unsuccessful takeover bid for Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan. The cyber-forensics guru with prominent clients around the world calls the assault on Canadian companies and the government "one of the biggest attacks we have ever seen."

Comment Re:Question should be about reactor design ... (Score 1) 324

Yes, but those are *ALL* the costs. With other generation technologies, there are hidden costs. Coal causes cancer. When you get Cancer, guess who pays? Hint: It's not the power company. Hydro, kills ecosystems. Solar creates huge amounts of carbon, other potent greenhouse gasses, and toxic waste in their creation. Wind kills endangered birds. Geothermal, while limited, is often located in sensitive environmental locations.

At least with the nukes, you know exactly what waste you are producing. The waste is extremely compact, but also extremely toxic. It's in a barrel, or cask, or pool, or whatever, not in the air.

That being said, we really need to work on thorium. I really hope that India's thorium reactor goes well... One day, it could be us buying reactor designs from the Indians.

Comment Re:What next? (Score 1) 319

Lucky!! I still have my tatoo from a pencil stabbing that happened over 15 years ago. It looks pretty much the same as it did 5 yeras ago. I don't thing it will ever dissapear. It it between my index and middle finger knuckles.

Comment Re:Why not use it as a bargaining chip? (Score 1) 735

Yeah, I'd have to say, I'd confront my current employer, let them know about the offer, and give them a chance to keep me. They would have to take into account the commute too, so a 10k raise would be in order. If you really are needed, you'll get the money, otherwise enjoy the new job guilt free!

Comment Re:Moderation system (Score 5, Interesting) 763

1) Roll the comments system version back like 6 years. Make it load fast. Make it load all the comments on a single page (according to your moderation score preferences) If i'm browsing at -1, I want to see it all.

2) Make it load faster. Sometimes pages take forever to load, then when they do load, they scroll slowly. I think this is caused by fancy javascripting or something. Just display the comments. We don't need/want any fancy web 2.0 features.

3) We need better trolls. The trolls right now are lame. What happened to GNAA? Maybe you should invite them back.

4) The comment quality is getting worse. Slashdot is now mostly mundane comments. Sure, some are funny, but most lack content.

5) Take a note from Ars Technica. They are getting better commenters, they have original content (why not have feature stories here). Ars's commenting system sucks, but yet they still manage higher quality comments.

6) Delete all accounts numbered 2,000,000+. Remove signup. Invite only.

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