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Comment Re:School is worthless... (Score 5, Interesting) 309

I also went to a technical college (public). I also did not get laid.

I didn't really learn a whole lot, but it wasn't too expensive. I think it was about 2k per semester. I would bet money that most of the people in that class are not in the field today. They just weren't IT people.

I got super lucky and landed an entry level Help Desk job at a great company. I made 28.5k, plus a 1k non-guaranteed annual bonus. I was 21 and it was way more then I had ever made before, so I was thrilled. Two years later, we were outsourced. Most people lost their job, but I was kept and upgraded to application support. From there, I thought I would become a networking guy, so I got my CCNA. I didn't get into networking.

I stayed there for a bit, and 3 years later the company wanted to replace the application that i was supporting. I knew the most about it, so I became part of the project team. We chose the vender and I started making it all work (with the help of others). Now, it looks like I might become a developer. I now, with the same company, make almost 3 times what I did when I started.

Back to the school. I could not have got my job without the piece of paper. I don't even know where my diploma is now though. The paper may get your foot in the door, but you are on your own from there.

I love my job. I am very fortunate. This is what I do:

Be positive. No one likes a negative nancy.
Be willing. Don't be lazy.
Don't get taken advantage of. Don't be a shit disturber either. Be positive.
Don't blame other people. Just fix problems.
And most importantly, fix problems.

Why did I say that most of my class didn't make it in IT? They weren't problem solvers. Either you are or you aren't. It drives me crazy when I don't 'get' a problem. I obsess over it until either I solve it, or something else makes me forget.

Businesses want someone that 'gets shit done'. Usually, solving problems fits into that category.

You sound motivated, and smart enough to dive in to the details to understand a system. That is what will make or break your career. Get the paper, find an entry level job, fix shit, be positive. It worked for me.

Failure comes as passion goes. Remember that.

Comment Re:MS, give it up, no wants your phones. (Score 1) 190

I am interested in WP8. I'm also interested in what RIM releases for their new phone, eventually.

Why? I don't like Apple because they like to tell me how to use my stuff. Android allows the carriers too much say (updates are delayed or non-existant) and has fragmentation issues. So, I'm really interested to see what MS and RIM can bring to the table.

As for the fashion comment... I doubt many here know what is cool and what is not. We don't care. We like functionality above coolness.

Comment Re:More like... (Score 1) 135

I see what you are saying, and that could definitely work. It's still after the fact though. What could you do with the data once you have it? You could flag the account, but then what? Make the bus driver confront them next time they try board a bus. Wait until a fare inspector wanders across them and then catch them? All for a $200 fine(or whatever it is)?

They decided to cheap out and not have every device network enabled. That was a business decision. I would hope that the possibility of ticket fraud was discussed, and the risk of that was weighed against the cost of network enabling every ticket taker thing.

Comment Re:More like... (Score 4, Interesting) 135

How would anyone ever catch you? These systems probably don't have network access, otherwise they would just read a token and then authenticate against a server, so all you have is log files. You could detect the fraud after the fact (if you somehow collected the log files), but to actually catch someone red handed would be pretty difficult.

Even if you did collect the log files, they may be useless. You would have to catch the same non-reloadable card bring used more than the maxumum number of times. To do that, you would probably have to analyse hundreds, if not thousands of .log files from different devices, unless the transactions are somehow manually collected and uploaded into a database. Even then, it would be an after-the-fact type thing.

Comment Re:Has there ever been a more successful cartel? (Score 1) 243

..and I can fill up for (today's rate) $1.229 CDN/L. That price includes land leases, drilling, transport of raw material, processing into sellable product, redisdribution to buyers, transport to the local gas station, maintenance of all equipemnt, and lots of taxes. Also, everyone is taking a cut at every stage. It's still only $1.229/L.

Its really amazing how cheap gas actually actually is.

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