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Comment Re:You start by acknowledging Islam as a threat (Score 2, Insightful) 564

[...] but only one religion still has the nutballs in the mainstream and ready to kill and oppress for their religion.

Hmmm... Santorum and Romney are 'nutballs' and pretty mainstream. And there are still a lot of oppression because of religious beliefs in a state that was supposed to be secular. The killings are more about the money, but the oppression is purely religious.
So what 'one' religion you are talking about?

I'm with Sam Harris, no religion is tolerable.

Comment Re:At least one has merit... (Score 1) 97

So you're saying "We know what happens to data that enters this part of the brain, but we don't know how it works. We'll just make something up that provides the same results"?

No, I would not say in such a mocking tone what is basically the scientific method: to formulate a hypothesis and to test it against the data.

Then you're not really modeling or truly even simulating the human brain.

Oh really? Then perhaps you should enlighten us with your definition of modeling. While you're at it, keep in mind the same definition must apply to all sciences. For instance the Standard Model... nah, those physicists are not really modeling... what about all that dark matter???

Comment Re:At least one has merit... (Score 5, Insightful) 97

How can you abstract the important parts, when we have no idea what they are?

There are several levels of abstraction that one can pursue when modeling things. We already know a lot about things in all of these levels, only not in a fully comprehensive way. Modeling and simulation is an excellent way to give insights about the gaps in the knowledge and to direct further research.

We're still trying to figure out the many, highly complex biochemical pathways.

And each of the 250+ neurotransmitters has different physic-chemical dynamics. Does that mean we need to know everything before we make an overall functional model? Definitely no.

Do I have to take into consideration every car in existence to make a model of congestion on roads? No. Now bring me my spherical cow please.

Comment Re:Apartheid (Score 1, Interesting) 591

Sure. The problem is that religion in general, and Islam in particular, defend those retrograde practices today.

Citation needed? Well, try this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6OZ3s0BcSxs

And while the immense majority of the sheeple defend that their religion is peaceful, they don't realize that they make the base for switching to a totalitarian theocracy, and after that there is no peaceful turning around. Only after the abuse of power in this new regimen they would realize that they were actually being ruled by men, not god(s). They bent too much, and now they feel the mighty cock of god's proxies up their arses.

Comment Re:Apartheid (Score 2, Interesting) 591

10 years old is the lower bound of the beginning of puberty in girls, in other words, definitely not ready for sex/reproduction. But it seems Aisha was somehow praised for being a true virgin, that is, when Muhammad first raped her she didn't have had her first period yet.

The upper bound of the end of puberty in girls is 17 and, as Chef from South Park correctly said, that is the right time for sex (laws and social conventions aside).

Comment Re:Apartheid (Score 3, Informative) 591

Yep, and the prophet Muhammad is the perfect man, whose acts are a model for all to follow, for all eternity.

So go ahead and marry a 6 years old girl, wait for her to be 9 or 10, and then you can have sex with her (his dear Aisha).

Ahh, but she is a girl! That's where the Catholic priests got it wrong! To rape a 10 year old boy is wrong, but if it's a girl it's ok! Allahu akbar!

Too bad hell is a fictitious place, these people really deserve it.

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