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Comment Exactly. Look at what happened with credit cards. (Score 1) 308

Rewards cards used to be abundant and the financially responsible consumer could get paid well for using credit cards... The rewards were subsidized by the masses who paid fees for being irresponsible. Then feel-good laws were passed to make it more difficult for CC companies to collect fees from people who abuse credit and now rewards cards are much less rewarding. I am happy with the current situation of me browsing privately for free while the content is subsidized by the masses. And I want my 5% cash back on everything CC back.

Comment Home visits possible? (Score 1) 53

There is the potential for some good to come from this. Perhaps when the remote presence devices get cheap enough, the "doctor" can come to you in the comfort of your own home like in ye goode olde days. Maybe they can even become cheap enough for many people to buy their own "doctor". We'll have to bust up the FDA/insurance/DME cartel first though, otherwise the robot will sell for 1000% what it would if it was a free market.

Comment White powder scares (Score 1) 804

That pub run story is nothing compared to what happened in Denmark, SC. The mayor hired a witch doctor to protect City Hall from evil. The witch doctor walked around city hall sprinkling salt and muttering incantations. Later, someone noticed the salt and called the police to report some scary white powder around City Hall. The typical police/public safety overreaction ensued until someone decided enough was enough and tasted the "suspicious white powder" confirming that it was salt.

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