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Comment Re:Yup (Score 1) 324

Not quite true on the Paramedic statement. Most paramedics operate on what is called Standing Orders or protocol. The doctor who is supervising the paramedic program in your area is tasked with creating a standard response to most types of calls that will be encountered in the field. As long as the paramedic stays within this protocol they are allowed to start IV's and administer drugs all without contacting medical control.
Even EMT-I (Intermediates) are allowed to administer certain drugs without any direction from medical control as it has already been spelled out in the Standing Orders.

Now if this drug proved to be useful and was added by the doctor overseeing the paramedic program then a paramedic could administer this drug in the field for a suspected spinal injury without medical control intervention.


The Best Gaming PC Money Can Buy 360

SlappingOysters writes "Gameplayer has gone live with their best PC hardware configurations for Q1 2009. They've broken it into three tiers depending on the investor's budget. And while the prices are regional, it is comparative across the globe. The site has also detailed the 10 Hottest PC Games of 2009 to unveil the software on the horizon which may seduce gamers into an upgrade."
PlayStation (Games)

PS2 the Most Played Console In 2008 172

An anonymous reader writes "In terms of console usage, the aging PS2 still leads the competition, according to data from US research firm Nielsen. Data the company compiled between January and October 2008 shows that the PS2 commanded 31.7 percent of the total number of minutes spent playing consoles. Only 37.9 percent of play time took place on current-gen systems, with the Xbox 360 (17.2 percent) leading the Wii (13.4 percent) and the PS3 (7.3 percent). Users even spent more time playing on the original Xbox (9.7 percent) than the PS3, while Nintendo's GameCube (4.6 percent) wasn't far behind Sony's new console either." World of Warcraft once again topped the most-played PC game list by a large margin. Tetris was the top mobile game, followed by Bejeweled and Guitar Hero III.

IBM Launches Microsoft-Free Linux Virtual Desktop 344

VorlonFog writes "According to Information Week, IBM has introduced a line of business computers that avoid Microsoft's desktop environment in favor of open source software. IBM worked with Canonical and Virtual Bridges to create the platform, which IBM claims saves businesses $500 to $800 per user on software licenses and an additional $258 per user 'since there is no need to upgrade hardware to support Vista and Office.'"

Comment Re:I'm a 33-yr-old COBOL guy (Score 2, Informative) 288

Funny because I am a 36 year old COBOL developer and we have no gray beards on my team. We have close to fifteen COBOL developers and none of them are older than 50, with a median age of 34 between the group.

Also I have worked with a few gray beards in my time and I have found them to by polite and very knowledgeable. Some of which could write CICS programs that do more unique display routines than some of your current gui's.

If someone is truly interested in getting into COBOL for the first time your best bet is to find a company that will offer to train you. Most companies are realizing that developing the talent local and keeping things in house is actually cheaper than out sourcing as they will be able to retain the talent once the project is up and running and have an in house staff for support.

Another avenue might be to start inquiring with some of the major contracting companies, as they provide a large part of the workforce for open COBOL positions. Some of them have their own training programs.


Submission + - Wii bowling over U.S. retirees

murdock238 writes: ""That bet paid off. The Wii outsold the new Microsoft and Sony consoles in January and February and is generating its own buzz with everyone from nuns to cancer patients to toddlers. There are Wii parties and Wii bowling contests. Players, who often look quite silly and occasionally injure themselves in fits of overzealous play, upload video of their Wii antics to a variety of technology Web sites like and Google's YouTube. "I thought it was tremendous," said Ted Campbell, 77. Last week he played the Wii for the first time at Springfield, Virginia's Greenspring Retirement Community, where Ebert is also a resident.""

Submission + - AppleTV Hacked?

jspayne writes: "It appears some hackers were able to mount the hard drive of an AppleTV and install an Xvid codec. If this is true, it opens up some exciting new possibilities for a product that has gotten some criticism from the high tech crowd."

Submission + - Tractor Beam to Prevent Aircraft Missile Attack

mattnyc99 writes: In the race against aircraft terrorism, Boeing's remote control system reported yesterday won't be the only solution. But Northrop Grumman has finally begun testing its laser-powered Guardian defense system in the fight against missiles targeting commercial jets, with nine FedEx cargo jets now carrying the infrared laser deflection system aboard their fuselages. The false heat signature operation is not that unlike Boeing's own airborne laser turret, but the Pentagon's new Global Strike system makes it clear that the U.S. may even have more of an upper hand on offense than defense when it comes to missile technology.

Submission + - Tivo won't fix daylight savings for Series 1 Tivos

Caballero writes: "Tivo has decided that even though owners of Series 1 Tivos continue to pay for the Tivo service, they will not get an update to handle the upcoming change to daylight savings time in the US. Instead they've been asked to ignore an incorrect clock and if they have any manual recordings to manually adjust them by an hour for three weeks and then put them back when DST would have gone in to effect. Of course, they're going to have to do this every six months for the remaining life of the device. Series 1 owners pay the same monthly fee as owners of newer units. Shouldn't they get fixes that are required to make the system function properly?

The text of the message Tivo sent:

Dear TiVo Subscriber,

As Daylight Saving Time commences three weeks early this year, we thought we'd beat the clock to let you know how this unusual schedule might affect recordings on your TiVo(r) Series1 DVR. (Hint: Chances are slim.)
While the TiVo service will continue to automatically record your Season Pass(tm) programs and WishList(r) searches at the correct airtimes without incident, there are two things to note:

1) For the three weeks that follow the new Daylight Saving Time start date (March 11), your Series1 TiVo(r) DVR may display the incorrect time.
Again, to be clear, this is only a cosmetic issue and should not affect your Season Pass(tm) and WishList(r) recordings.

2) If you have any MANUAL recordings scheduled between March 11 and April 1, you
will need to adjust those recordings as appropriate. Here's how:
- From TiVo Central, select Pick Programs to Record, then To Do List.
- Locate your Manual Recording (by channel, date, time) and adjust accordingly. For example, if you have a daily manual recording from 8:00 am — 9:00 am, you will need to change it to 7:00 am — 8:00 am on March 11. (Quick Tip: If there are no recordings in this list preceded by the word "Manual", there's nothing further you need to do.)
- On April 1 be sure to change it back to its actual time, i.e., 8:00 am — 9:00 am.

For more details, please visit

Thanks for being a TiVo subscriber and here's to a beautiful spring!

- Your friends at TiVo

TiVo, Season Pass(TM), and WishList® are trademarks or registered trademarks of TiVo Inc's subsidiaries. ©2007 TiVo Inc. 2160 Gold Street Alviso, CA 95002-2160. All rights reserved. Please feel free to review our Privacy Policy."
PC Games (Games)

Submission + - MIT Media Lab Turns Game Players Into Designers

Anonymous Coward writes: "The MIT Media Lab is taking a novel approach to game development, and it needs your help. The Restaurant Game is a research project that will algorithmically combine the gameplay experiences of thousands of players to create a new game. In a few months, researchers will apply machine learning algorithms to data collected through the multiplayer Restaurant Game, and produce a new single-player game that will be entered into the 2008 Independent Games Festival. Everyone who plays The Restaurant Game will be credited as a Game Designer. 1,074 games have been played to date, and the researchers are aiming for 10,000. Download for PC or OSX here:"

Submission + - GDC 07: Microsoft Reveals Live For Windows Pricing

GFLPraxis writes: "Microsoft revealed at GDC their plans for Live for Vista during a press event. Live for Windows Vista will be exactly like XBox Live, and XBox Live subscribers will already have access. There will be both the free Silver (offering access to trailers, demos, updates, and the Arcade), and the paid Gold ($50 a year, lets you play online). This means, of course, that Vista-exclusive games will now require Live subscriptions to play online."

Submission + - Google rumoured to be making a cell phone

An anonymous reader writes: According to Cnet, rumours of a Google cell phone are starting to spread like wildfire. It questions, however, whether or not this is just "a case of mobile phone fanboys having a copy of Photoshop CS2 and too much time on their hands? Or worse still, is this a case of tech writers being so keen to see new and exciting products that any blurry image will get us hyping it up as if it were real?" I personally think it's definitely a case of tech writers getting over excited, it's extremely unlikely that Google will ever make a cell phone but as the article points out, you never know.

Submission + - AnyDVD updated, now removes Blue-Ray DRM

mariushm writes: "SlySoft has just updated AnyDVD HD, offering users the possibility of watching Blue-Ray media without DRM. This comes after only two weeks from the first release which was able to remove DRM from HD-DVD.

Version has lots of features but probably the most important one is stripping the evil DRM infection from Blu-Ray and restore your fair use rights.

The free upgrade can also remove region encoding, works on Windows XP-64 and Vista-64, and fixes a ton of bugs. You can get the update or a trial copy here."

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