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Comment Re:It was already public (Score 1) 446

I'm certainly interested in my own privacy, I had gone through the privacy options in great detail when I first set up my account (and turned most of them off except to friends). And I don't allow apps access to my profile unless I trust the source. At the time, nothing much seemed to help me with regard to third party apps that access me via my friends. Otherwise how is it that those third party spam apps are able to blast me with invites and "random friend sent you a hug"s?

I note that you're not making any substantive corrections to what I'm trying to say, in favor of just telling me I'm wrong. Perhaps you'd care to illuminate *why* I'm wrong?

Comment It was already public (Score 1) 446

If I understand correctly, before this change this information was already accessible not only to any apps you used but any apps that your friends used. Those apps could do whatever they like with it and you don't have any control over what apps your friends use. Also much of it was available to anyone who happened to want to serve an ad on your page.

By designating it as irredeemably public, they're not making privacy worse, they're just admitting what was already true.

I wish they didn't include friends list and pages in the must-be-public information, but I'd rather this approach than having it be ACTUALLY public (because any app can access it) while allowing you to set a setting making it "private" that didn't actually do anything to really make it so.

Comment Send route from computer to phone? (Score 3, Interesting) 121

The feature I've always wanted from a GPS is the ability to go to google maps on my computer, come up with a route on there, and then send it to the device. This looks like it could easily offer that ability but curiously it's not mentioned in any of the blurbs that I've seen. Anyone know if it's supported?

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