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Comment Re:Doesn't harm anyone? (Score 1) 289

I'm not trying to make a case for a blanket pornography ban, but those who imply that consuming explicit media "harms no one" are starting to slowly find themselves on the losing side of the science.

Then instead of banning everything, why not educate people how to use porn sensibly? But then, we can't teach people how to drink booze sensibly, so we definitely should ban booze, right? And puritans won't tolerate sex education in schools, even though it is very clear that it would reduce teen pregnancies, inappropriate sex when the teen is not ready, STDs, etc. Who needs rationality anyway? The United States of Hysteria.

Comment Re:Doesn't harm anyone? (Score 1) 289

It's the purityranical core of the US creeping out again. First, prove it's bad, second ban it. It doesn't matter if the initial proof is wrong or all lies. Once it's banned, it stays banned. Marijuana is still illegal, being banned for racist reasons by money from the textile industry and big pharma.

Also still banned because the profit on sales is much higher for contraband; this pumps huge amounts of money into organized crime. Connections in the US government benefit from this. Instead, government should legalize, insist on purity and quality control, and heavily tax it. The public coffers would benefit and international organized crime would be dealt a serious blow.

Comment Re:Really Quite Disgusting (Score 2) 289

Mmm. You may have been watching too many movies. Just a thought, but in terms of classical psychoanalysis, couldn't de-repressing these sort of fantasies in the form of art actually be a safety valve, just as horror movies allow the public to safely blow off their unconscious sadosexual fantasies? In other words, he might be less likely to act on them than some severely repressed, puritanical accountant who one day pops his cork ....?

Comment Re:Multiple missions, people seem to forget that. (Score 1) 105

Because it's not like we have a hundred other agencies already watching over us to make sure we're not doing anything illegal. (Cough, HackNSA FBI CIA TSA CTU cough hack)

Not only illegal. J Edgar Hoover knew that all data is power. Agencies have blackmailed each other in the past with embarrassing information about senior figures.

Comment Re:You're screwed (Score 1) 276

Right, support the PM at every turn or he may not support you. He doesn't have to have deep knowledge of the technology or the code. But you do! Brief him, explain how things work, and win his trust.

If he has been put in that role, presumably he has the experience or the potential (as management see him) to get the milestones landed, which is the primary mission of any PM. He also probably has much more influence upstairs than he appears to at first glance, since management have entrusted him with delivering, so if you piss him off you might find him talking to your supervisor about fucking you to death.

Comment Goes nowhere unless it's default in (eg) Ubuntu (Score 1) 259

Thank God at least some desktop developers and interaction designers are against the crippling, dumbing down, sluggishness and configuration-hiding of the unfortunately moronic Gnome3. I tried E17 years ago and was extremely impressed with its lightness and speed, even going so far as to recommend its use in the core of a commercial project in which I was involved. (I don't know what E17 is like now). Unfortunately, a senior person with deep connections in the Gnome world poured shit all over it and Rasterman (" ... that's just gtk anyway, isn't it? ...") and convinced the CEO otherwise. I know I was right; they all were wrong. Small satisfaction.

The E17 people can only blame themselves if it has no profile and no-one knows what it is. Twelve years in getting a stable release? Give me a break. OTOH the timing might be right in that Gnome3 has alienated much of the Gnome user base and many are ready to give it the flick forever.

The solution is to get e17 into one or two major distributions as the default UI environment. One would be enough if that distro is Ubuntu or Mint.

Comment Re:Business Is Messy (Score 1) 292

Right, the constantly shifting sands of new requirements quickly cover up the original good code design and you end up with quickie kludge after quickie kludge after kludge. You breath a sigh of relief when the code actually runs, as much by luck as by skill, even though you can barely read it anymore, am I right? The eternal struggle between developers and product/marketing teams goes on ....!

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