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Comment Andrew Morton won't use patches ... (Score 1) 509

That's right, the 2ic of the Linux kernel, Andrew Morton, flatly refuses to work with patches and still sends his revisions to Mr Torvalds in massive tarballs, a cause of merciless jibes from the latter. Linus laughs it off and puts it down to Mr Morton's eccentricities (but he also puts up with it).

Does this anachronistic obstinacy make Andrew Morton a "bad" programmer?

Comment Re:The betting pool is now open... (Score 1) 536

Windows 8 already has one, it's just that nobody seems to know about it. All you do is move the desktop card to the top left hand side of Metro. Whichever card is in that position will be launched after booting.

And to follow up: then install the free Classic Shell [] and there's your Win 7 start menu and desktop back from the dead. These are the first two things to do when lumbered with a Windows 8 machine.

Comment Re:Stack Ranking Review Process - Blame Culture (Score 1) 913

Perhaps Microsoft's "Stack Ranking" review process (where every unit must declare certain percentage of employees top performers, good, average and poor performers) has infused the entire organization with a tendancy to shift blame when anything goes wrong?

Wow. They really stick real people on a curve like that? And there always must be "average" and "poor" workers in every unit? That sucks. It's medieval. And stupid if it's true.

Comment Re:It's a shame because (Score 1) 913


Better yet: one product for keyboard devices and yet another for touchscreen devices. As God intended. It's what Apple did with astonishing success, just incidentally. MS deserve to take a dive for this debacle.

Comment Re:It's a shame because (Score 1) 913

Win8 is one of those things people will look back at after the fact and recognize that it was much better than everyone thought.

Oh yes! I know that after I stop banging my head with a large hammer, it feels good, so I'll look back at banging my head with a hammer as much better than I remembered it to be. Oh yes, it's logical!

Comment I just want Windows 8 to die (Score 1) 913

Naively, I bought a new Lenovo i7/6GB/1TB because it was cheap *and* it was one of the few laptops in the entire store that would still boot Linux from a usb drive without jumping through unknown hoops. All the others I tried with similar specs (many better laptops and all also with uefi boot) had some problem booting from usb - usually no 'legacy' boot setting or equivalent in the boot screen (no longer called BIOS settings). It came with Windows 8, which I assumed could not possibly be as bad as what it was said to be. Boy was I wrong.

Windows 8 is absolutely, abysmally, shockingly awful on a keyboard laptop. I have installed Classic Shell to give me back a start menu. I have learned to use ctl-alt-tab to get between the awful rubbish 'apps' and a quasi-desktop experience. I worked out how to get a command prompt. It's still only just bearable. I want this shit gone. Dead. Buried.

I had a talk to a guy in a small pc service shop - he says he gets at least two requests a day from customers begging him to remove Windows 8 and install Windows 7, but he tells me it seems it isn't possible on some new laptops to do this. He took a hard drive out of one machine, wiped Windiows 8 and installed Windows 7. When he put the hard drive back in the laptop, the motherboard would no longer recognize the drive. Perhaps he doesn't understand UEFI boot, I dunno. I am just tempted to send this shit back to Lenovo and say: give me my money back or give me Windows 7 on this machine.

Comment Re:Doesn't harm anyone? (Score 1) 289

I'm not trying to make a case for a blanket pornography ban, but those who imply that consuming explicit media "harms no one" are starting to slowly find themselves on the losing side of the science.

Then instead of banning everything, why not educate people how to use porn sensibly? But then, we can't teach people how to drink booze sensibly, so we definitely should ban booze, right? And puritans won't tolerate sex education in schools, even though it is very clear that it would reduce teen pregnancies, inappropriate sex when the teen is not ready, STDs, etc. Who needs rationality anyway? The United States of Hysteria.

Comment Re:Doesn't harm anyone? (Score 1) 289

It's the purityranical core of the US creeping out again. First, prove it's bad, second ban it. It doesn't matter if the initial proof is wrong or all lies. Once it's banned, it stays banned. Marijuana is still illegal, being banned for racist reasons by money from the textile industry and big pharma.

Also still banned because the profit on sales is much higher for contraband; this pumps huge amounts of money into organized crime. Connections in the US government benefit from this. Instead, government should legalize, insist on purity and quality control, and heavily tax it. The public coffers would benefit and international organized crime would be dealt a serious blow.

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