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Comment Re:Agreed! (Score 2) 219

L:ol, I re-read what you wrote and you are an idiot.

You are complaining that "a number of former Carlyle Groupers had excised that from their background and history." But the only one you cited, Beschloss, did not. How do I know that? I used the link on her view history page that says, Revision history search to search for the word "Carlyle" and it was never in the article to be excised.

So, in a story about PR firms screwing with wikipedia you post a bunch of stupid blather about your own personal issues and then hang it all on a lack of evidence. That's classic conspiracy-theory schizophrenia.

Comment Re:It failed because they went with the lowest bid (Score 1) 307

Most people have no background in Engineering Economics which has long shown the best of breed solution has the highest up front cost, with the lowest long-term costs, due to having the lowest MAINTENANCE costs. Roadways are a great example of how low bid doesn't improve the infrastructure. Best of breed is the only solution.

Submission + - Wild Games Studio take down YouTube review of Garry's Incident (youtube.com)

msclrhd writes: The makers of Garry's Incident (Wild Games Studio) have issued a copyright infringement claim against Total Biscuit's "WTF is... Garry's Incident" video reviewing and criticising the game, alleging this is due to the video making ad revenue. The studio gave consent to make the review and allow YouTube videos to be made — indeed, various "Let's Plays" of Garry's Incident that generate ad revenue are still available on YouTube.

Total Biscuit goes into this more on the linked video, critiquing Wild Games Studio for the copyright infringement claim and takedown of the review video.

Submission + - How is Facebook Like a Bangladesh Garment Factory?

theodp writes: In the early days of Facebook, the company would go into what CEO Mark Zuckerberg called lockdown, where no one is supposed to leave until the task at hand is done. Speaking on Saturday at Startup School 2013, CNET reports, Mark Zuckerberg remarked that the practice persists to this day. Facebook doesn't lock people in the office, but it comes "as close to that as we can legally get," Zuckerberg said to an eruption from the crowd. The lockdown isn't the first at-home-in-a-Bangladesh-garment-factory management technique Zuck's touted at Startup School. Back in 2007, Zuckerberg drew fire for advising company founders "you should only hire young people with technical expertise" if they want to be successful. And while there are no reports of Facebook hiring 9-year-old bosses yet, the LA Times reports that only young undocumented immigrants are welcome at the hackathon hosted by Zuckerberg's FWD.us next month where "tech CEO's like Mark Zuckerberg, Reid Hoffman, Drew Houston and Andrew Mason will be sitting side-by-side with undocumented youth [with technical expertise] creating tech products to help the immigration reform movement" (invitation to 'day (and night) of working').

Submission + - NSA hacked Email Account of Mexican President

rtoz writes: The National Security Agency (NSA ) of United States hacked into the Mexican president’s public email account and gained deep insight into policymaking and the political system. The news is likely to hurt ties between the US and Mexico.

This operation, dubbed “Flatliquid,” is described in a document leaked by whistleblower Edward Snowden.

Meanwhile U.S President Barack Obama’s administration is urging the Supreme Court not to take up the first case it has received on controversial National Security Agency cybersnooping.

Submission + - Do Slashdotters use Markdown and Pandoc?

BartlebyScrivener writes: I am a author, screenwriter, law prof, and a hobbyist programmer. I love MacVim and write almost everything in it: Exams, novels, even screenplays now that Fountain is available. I use LaTeX and WordPress and so on, but several years ago I discovered Markdown and the wonderful Pandoc. I searched Slashdot expecting to find lively discussions of both Markdown and Pandoc, but found nothing. Do Slashdotters look down their noses at these tools and do their work in HTML and LaTeX? I can't imagine computer geeks using Word instead of their favorite text editors. If not Markdown and Pandoc, what tools do Slashdotters use when they create documents that probably need to be distributed in more than one format: HTML, PDF, EPUB or perhaps even docx?

Comment Re:Agreed! (Score 1) 219

I became suspicious about this and noticed an extraordinary number of former Carlyle Groupers had excised that from their background and history.

Just how did you determine that they were former "Carlyle Groupers?" Is there some special IP address block allocated to former employees of the Carlyle group?

Comment Re:Seems to need an ad blocker. (Score 1) 193

> I'd rather have ads than paywalls.

The end result of all this ad targeting is the same thing, maybe even worse than, paywalls.

If they could, advertisers would only pay for ads that hit their target market. RIght now some kid living on the street in Manila can get a hotmail account because hotmail doesn't really know if that kid has any money to spend or not. But if we ever achieve advertising nirvana that kid's access will be snuffed out like the light of a candle.

Comment Re:Is this the right move? (Score 5, Insightful) 182

By releasing it, there would be a non-zero danger that it would be used for harm with little to no positive gain.

If it isn't public that severely limits the number of people who can work on finding an antidote. Even if they are making the information available to "qualified professionals" it still substantially increases the barrier to finding a fix. Hell, for all we know, someone else has already seen the same strain and been working on a cure but they only speak chinese and this extra friction to figuring out if they even have the same strain is enough to keep the two groups from collaborating.

Whether you agree or disagree with their decision, surely you must see the merit in this kind of evaluation?

When the day comes that we start seeing terrorists attacking people with obscure scientific journal data instead of simple bombs then the question might be a reasonable one to ask. Until then the question itself is hype and paranoia.

Submission + - Federal judge says prosecutors blackmail defendants into guilty pleas (wsj.com)

nbauman writes: Federal prosecutors in Brooklyn, New York, gave Lulzim Kupa a day to plead guilty and accept 8 years in prison for cocaine dealing; otherwise he would get an automatic life sentence. Judge John Gleeson wrote that the Justice Department was abusing their power to bully defendants into giving up their constitutional right to a trial. "The fact that they are business as usual doesn't alter the fact that these sentences should instill shame in all of us," he wrote, saying that it would force innocent people to plead guilty. These hardball tactics are "sledgehammers against the ever-dwindling few who have the temerity to ask for the trial the Constitution guarantees." The prosecutor said that the tactic was approved by the Supreme Court, and "Since when is it extortion for a federal prosecutor to follow Supreme Court law?"

Comment Re:Seems to need an ad blocker. (Score 1) 193

I'll see your Adblock and raise you a NoScript and block all cookies. Still imperfect, but it seems to work very well.

Go all in with RequestPolicy.

It is like NoScript for all cross-site requests, not just javascript.

Install the beta of 1.0 direct from the website. It is stable and the GUI is better, I've been running it for months, just make sure you change the default from black-listing to white-listing.

Comment Re:Seems to need an ad blocker. (Score 3) 193

it certainly feels pretty unethical for me to block the only way they have to recoup that money.

Except it is not the only way they have to recoup that money. It is just the way they have chosen to try. There are other ways. Penny Arcade raised half a million on kickstarter to go ad-free for a year. They also sell merchandise. Linux Weekly News embargoes some articles for a week so that they are only available to subscribers. Phoronix has subscriptions for ad-free and single-page articles.

Bigger picture, advertisement based funding killed the development of micro-payment functionality. If advertising becomes less lucrative, we will see alternatives come about. By letting those ads through you aren't just helping to fund your favorite websites, you are also enabling an industry that has the potential to do real harm to society through misuse of all the profiling information they collect.

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