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Comment Re:Look over here, look over here! (Score 1) 479

Ah yes, detailed, studies conclude that mitigating climate change will save us trillions by 2100, but you prefer to believe some guy on YouTube who naïvely extrapolates a number he pulled out of thin air (exactly where did he get that ridiculous starting figure from anyway?). You're right about the "simple" part.

Comment Re:Chrome for Android (Score 1) 329

Nope, and it won't until more devices have solid video encoding support. The Android MediaRecorder is still limited to encoding from the camera only, and I'm not sure if any MediaCodecs can be made to encode from an OpenGL buffer.

You'll have to stick to DLNA (wouldn't it be nice if Chromecast supported that), or hope that Koush et al persist in their efforts. Or just pay $40 for a generic Android stick and run a DLNA server on that.

Comment Re:What they really broke: (Score 1) 329

Agree completely. Personally I was really hoping for the Chromecast stick to support DLNA rendering robustly (and maybe it will yet be hacked to do so).

In the meantime, while I sincerely hope Koush continues his efforts, it's no surprise that his little workaround got broken. Might even be deliberate like he claims, but the API warning is right there in black & red.

Let's see what's possible after the API is finalised; Google may not be willing to throw the content gates too widely open, but they've always been hacker-friendly for the two-brain-cell market.

Comment Re:you know what they say: you cant trust google (Score 1) 80

I have a similar NFC tag in my car. And yeah, I could get Tasker to use non-data charging as a trigger instead, but I also do non-data charging by my bedside. And since I have a different bluetooth radio there and don't want GPS or max brightness, I use a second NFC tag for that with silent profile, no notification lights and screen dimming instead.

NFC isn't the answer to everything, but it's occasionally quite handy, such as sharing youtube or map links with a quick tap, no app required.

Comment Re: This will help the Occulus Rift A LOT!!! (Score 1) 125

Some people may take longer, two or three weeks or whatever - but if you're feeling more than just a touch of queasiness, you're overdoing it. It should be fun, not a burden. If you push yourself too hard and feel too nauseated while in VR, you might set up a mental association that'll take even longer to break. Relax and take your time to enjoy it in small doses.

Oh, and make sure your Rift is set up carefully, use the correct FoV and IPD settings, avoid any sudden movements, and it'll go a lot easier on you.

Comment Re: This will help the Occulus Rift A LOT!!! (Score 1) 125

You'll quickly build up a tolerance, if my own experience, and others I've heard from, is any guide. Don't overdo it, just 10-15 minutes a day for a week or so and you'll be fine in no time.

Your wife may even find that a few more controlled sessions on the Rift actually improves her motion sickness in other contexts too. Some people have reported curing their own car sickness that way.

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