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Comment Re:It's Sad... (Score 1) 117

Why are you assuming that Google is only scanning for open WiFi Routers? My understanding is that they are scanning *all* routers, whether they are secure or not (mine is secured - I also turned off SSID broadcasting. Thanks for the condescension, though). Just because your router is "secure" doesn't mean Google can't get information about it, like the SSID and MAC address.

Comment Re:It's Sad... (Score 0) 117

You're actively broadcasting information about your home network and then complaining when somebody listens.

I'm not actively broadcasting anything - my router is. It may seem like a silly distinction, but as far as I'm concerned, all I want is private wireless service in the confines of my own home. The fact that my router is sending out information beyond the bounds of my home is an unfortunate side effect of physics. Your argument is akin to "If you don't want someone to watch you with an infrared camera, stop giving off so much heat!" Sorry, I can't help it. That doesn't mean it's okay for you to set up an IR camera outside my home.

The only information Google ever collect is the information you give them, be it through using their services or buy specifically buying a wireless rooter to broadcast it to them. If you don't like them collecting information stop giving it to them.

I didn't give Google anything. They sent a van to my street and took it, without my consent or permission.

Comment Re:Just wear a mask (Score 1) 71

You're missing the point of his thesis - he's trying to make face detection evasion fashionable, so it's a lot more subtle than wearing a mask.

The idea is more like hipster makeup that would not tip off the police that anything was wrong.

Just so people are aware, this particular Masters program at NYU is part of the art school.

Comment Re:Shooting bombs? No bombs trigger when shot? (Score 1) 929

This is such bullshit. The Jewish movement Irgun was responsible for many attacks on the British and Palestinians, but the mainstream Israeli army was the Haganah, not the Irgun. The Irgun was forcibly shut down by the Israeli government once the State of Israel was declared. Notably, the head of the Irgun, Menachem Begin, was the one who ended up making peace with Egypt under Anwar Sadat.

Submission + - Creative Labs False Advertising

An anonymous reader writes: Creative Labs 2GB MuVo V100 portable mp3 players are advertised as being USB 2.0 capable devices, but are in fact USB 1.1 devices. Creative labs own message forums, as well as other places document this clearly, and a quick google search yields many more results. I verified it myself on two different platforms, a MacBook Pro, and an nforce2 based mainboard with onboard USB 2.0. I have emailed creative asking how to get usb 2.0 speeds out of this product and have been ignored, like most people. This really sounds like class action lawsuit material. Creative Labs are doing absolutely nothing to address this, and you can still find this product on store shelves advertised as being a USB 2.0 device when it clearly is not. It takes over an HOUR to copy 2gb of data to/from this device. What is a consumer to do?

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