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Comment Re:the end of civilization (Score 3, Insightful) 91

the one good thing about lawyers is that they replace violence

don't get me wrong, i hate the intellectual property mess

but at least this bullshit is playing out in boring courtrooms voluntarily by sweaty guys in overcompensating suits

rather than by kids handed an implement of death and pointed at each other, too young and too stupid to know they are wasting their lives on bullshit, as it has been in centuries past

Comment Re:that's complete bullshit (Score 1) 223

you've made it your business to comment on a topic. i judged you harshly for that. i'm just one voice on the internet, you need not take my solitary judgment so seriously. but i stand behind my judgment, i find your "reasoning" such as it is deplorable, and i hold it against you. you are free to speak on any topic you want, but you aren't free from the consequences of the quality of your speech or lack thereof

Comment Re:that's complete bullshit (Score 1) 223

your problem is you seem to think these people represent something about pakistan. pakistanis want polio vaccine, and the people who don't want it are a deranged murderous fringe. they don't represent any culture, certainly not pakistan. they represent a psychological pathology

your argument is so fucking stupid because it's like looking at theodore kaczynski, charles manson, or jim jones as some sort of authentic representatives of a culture. that 's how pakistanis view these polio vaccinator murderers

if you are trolling me, congratulations on a successful troll. if you are actually incredibly amazingly serious, please grow some fucking brain cells. that you process murdering vaccinators as representative of pakistani culture is patronizing, condescending, and grossly misrepresenting pakistan. i can laugh at you for being so stupid, or cry that there's people like you who would actually believe such mental diarrhea, but never can i take these words of yours seriously, as you are missing out somewhere in cognition to arrive at this insulting farce of an opinion

Comment that's complete bullshit (Score 1) 223

a guy ready to shoot health workers is not a representative of any culture or set of beliefs. plenty of intelligent and well-adjusted pakistanis are valid representatives of their culture, and they want polio eradicated

There's no way to win this issue without completely destroying these peoples autonomy.

oh my god, shut up you moron. giving people polio vaccine does not destroy anyone's culture.

why do you think this atrocity represents some sort of valid defense of a culture? what other insane lies do you swallow?

Comment Re:Jack Thompson is already on the case (Score 2) 1719


why do you present links that prove my point?

murderous intent is everywhere, but only in the usa, because of guns, do so many die

answer me this, genius: how many of those 23 injured in china are dead?

please, go: look it up. get educated

i'm waiting for you to post your findings in this thread

guns are obviously the problem, to all of our economic peers who look at the usa like some deranged fool in denial about an obvious problem, to all of us americans with some clarity and intelligence on the subject

opposed as we are, by this quasi-religious cult of the gun in this great country, but obviously fundamentally flawed country, deranged as it is on a subject like guns

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