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Comment Re:Summary is dead wrong! (Score 1) 446

Hmm, lower UID, long comment history, and excellent karma... think that over again, huh?

Seems you're right on the stuff that shows up in search listings and profile views to everyone. However don't play the stupid games on facebook and use it like you're actually concerned about your private data and you'll be fine. I guess I don't care so much about the info that's in bold above. Its enough for someone I know to id me, but nothing particularly sensitive (especially if you know what's being shared). I'm Eric Rost from Peoria, IL, in the Caterpillar, Inc. network, have some friends scattered across the country, and I'm a fan of Weeds and some other shows. What exactly is the concern there? I don't play the stupid scammy games (and block the updates in my "live news feed" from them) and I use facebook to share pics and videos with my friends and family as well as keep up with some political causes...

It's a change that makes the actual search a bit more useful since you'd come across locked down profiles that you're not even sure are the person who you were legitimately looking for.

Comment Re:Also announced... (Score 1) 258

Nope, from my PC at the office. I have DSL @ home and no cable package. It is possible to unplug from the BS. I use hulu for the little bit of cable programming I'm interested in and Netflix streaming for some other diversions as well as over the air HD DVR'd to my MythTV box. I also watch a lot of content through boxee. I DON'T pay for cable, and I actually enjoy what I watch a lot more now and have more choices than I did (now that I've put the effort in to search them out and build my own gear) when I was limited to the two or three things a day that I was remotely interested in on the 100+ channels of crap that was streaming into my house.

Comment Re:"removing fake privacy" is not the same... (Score 1) 446

Except you can set your privacy settings to not let the apps share anything, and you can not use any apps that require those additional permissions. This change actually ADDED control to what you let apps do. I use some specific apps (twitter, flickr, facebook for blackberry, and facebook mobile) to do stuff from my phone and from other accounts. Other than that, nothing gets my info, because I'm intelligent enough to set it up right.

Comment Summary is dead wrong! (Score 1) 446

Click the little Change Settings button on the top of the page. Nothing is "irrevocably public" I have all my info other than send friend request set to "Friends Only". Users aren't so stupid, the submitter and editor seem to be though. This hyperbole crap is spreading across the web today/yesterday and those spreading it don't care to investigate the issue far enough to get anything resembling the truth.

Jeez I'm glad I look at things for myself...


Facebook Masks Worse Privacy With New Interface 446

An anonymous reader writes "Facebook launched new privacy settings this week. Cosmetically, this means that the settings are explained more clearly and are marginally easier to manage. Unfortunately, some of the most significant changes actually make preserving privacy harder for its users: profile elements that could previously be restricted to 'Only Friends' are now designated as irrevocably publicly available: 'Publicly available information includes your name, profile picture, gender, current city, networks, friend list, and Pages.' Where you could previously preserve the privacy of this information and remain publicly searchable only by name, Facebook now forces you to either give up this information (including your current city!) to anyone with a Facebook account, or to restrict your search visibility — which of course limits the usefulness of the site far beyond how not publicly sharing your profile picture would. That Facebook made this change while simultaneously rolling out major changes to the privacy settings interface seems disingenuous."

Comment Re:Mythbuntu plus (Score 1) 536

The biggest draw for boxee for me is the auto recognition and metadata download (MythVideo completely lacks this) I also use a lot of the third party plugins for random web video sources plugged into my htpc fairly nicely. Having a properly functioning hulu app will be nice, though, even if it has to be a standalone.

The Internet

Hunting the Mythical "Bandwidth Hog" 497

eldavojohn writes "Benoit Felten, an analyst in Paris, has heard enough of the elusive creature known as the bandwidth hog. Like its cousin the Boogie Man, the 'bandwidth hog' is a tale that ISPs tell their frightened users to keep them in check or to cut off whoever they want to cut off from service. And Felten's calling them out because he's certain that bandwidth hogs don't exist. What's actually happening is the ISPs are selecting the top 5% of users, by volume of bits that move on their wire, and revoking their service, even if they aren't negatively impacting other users. Which means that they are targeting 'heavy users' simply for being 'heavy users.' Felten has thrown down the gauntlet asking for a standardized data set from any telco that he can do statistical analysis on that will allow him to find any evidence of a single outlier ruining the experience for everyone else. Unlikely any telco will take him up on that offer but his point still stands." Felten's challenge is paired with a more technical look at how networks operate, which claims that TCP/IP by its design eliminates the possibility of hogging bandwidth. But Wes Felter corrects that mis-impression in a post to a network neutrality mailing list.

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