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Comment Re:Still... (Score 1) 859

What's going to be the next scare over -- the radioactive americium in smoke detectors? Haven't you read 'The Radioactive Boyscout'? I have only had two CFLs blow prematurely, but at 34p each, I'm not going to sweat it! And the shops I buy them from are obligated to dispose of used CFLs under the WEEE directive (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment).

Comment Re:no bulbs in your next house (Score 1) 553

Leave the bulbs and add the cost to the sale price of your house. If everyone did that, no problem! Otherwise you might me moving to somewhere that needs more or less bulbs. I don't think the cost and lumen output of current LED bulbs is that much of a problem, just have more light fixtures/bulbs and you have more control over where and when you have light, as well as the colour!

Comment The trouble with robots (Score 1) 86

Sounds like you read my mind! I 100% agree that there needs to standardisation, like in the computer industry. I have tried using 'Meccano' which is ok but very heavy. I was thinking of using polystyrene (as used by modelers) but its a bit too flexible. Looks like I'll have to build a wooden robot! (Strong, light and easy to work with) The electronics are not a problem, there are some good robotic modules available and I can design and build my own, and the software would depend on what processor I choose, but I am not a mechanic!

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