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Comment Speech recognition Vs OCRing Image Vs direct feed (Score 1) 164

This is intriguing.
How is "Watson" going to get the clue?
Is it going to recognize Trebek's voice? - If yes, human competitors may have an advantage.
Or "Watson" will have a camera pointed at the clue board to do a OCR? - What about the video/audio clues. Are they setting some ground rule so that there won't be any audio/video clues?
Or Clues are directly fed into "Watson"? - If yes, "Watson" may have an advantage.

Interesting...can't wait to hear more about this.

Submission + - China's rare feat in space (

billy8988 writes: China has pulled off a tricky and uncommon feat in space flight, manoeuvring one of its satellites to within about 300 meters of another while they were orbiting Earth, space analysts say.

Comment Re:Who's making these hackable machines? (Score 1) 188

Wouldn't it be easier just to make a better voting machine?

Why would they need a voting machine ?

There are several major problems with voting machines in India:

  1) you cannot double-check the vote, thus cheating is easy, even if you have secure machines.

  2) a lot of people in India don't know how to read, and simple tasks like voting with a computer is impossible for them.

  3) machines need electricity. In India, there can be an outage at any time of the day.

Before using expensive voting machines, India's governement should concentrate on improving the infrastructures, like water, electricity and roads.

These machines could very well be "hackable"...I am not doubting that. But you can't make these sweeping accusations

2. EVM makes it easier than paper ballots.
3. EVMs are significantly cheaper than paper ballots and do not need electricity..they are powered by 6V alkaline battery.

Comment Re:They are willing to do the needful (Score 1) 534

In high school English we had an exercise called "Letter writing". They teach you how to write (or kiss ass) your higher ups (be it Government officials, or Headmaster, or your boss). Every letter will have "kindly", several pleases, most importantly will end with yours obediently. When I came to US for grad school, I saw no one using those crap, I stopped using them.

Comment More BS from Apple (Score 1) 944

1. It's not open - So are iPhone, iPad, iPod. Users can't develop and deploy custom software without "Approval"
2. The "full" web - Yup. Without the flash support, users miss out full web experience.
3. Reliability, Security & Performance - What you say may be true, but let the users decide whether to enable flash on the devices or not.
4. Battery Life - Same as above.
5. Touch - More BS from you. If the flash is not user friendly on your devices, its site owners' problem. Let them opt for HTML5, don't force them.
6. The most important reason - Yes we get it. People will bypass your app store and depend on third party apps. So, stop BSing, just tell us that it will hurt Apple's bottom line that's why you are not supporting flash.


Microsoft Sends Flowers To Internet Explorer 6 Funeral 151

Several readers have written with a fun followup to yesterday's IE6 funeral. Apparently Microsoft, in a rare moment of self-jest, took the time to send flowers, condolences, and a promise to meet at MIX. The card reads: "Thanks for the good times IE6, see you all @ MIX when we show a little piece of IE Heaven. The Internet Explorer Team @ Microsoft."

Comment Great (Score 1) 154

I think this has lot of potentials to replace Text to Speech.
There are thousands of people with speech disability use some kind of tablet device to type/scan/etc. to formulate sentences and then they get fed into TTS.
This will definitely be faster...but..this technology has to mature into a commercial product which may take years...nevertheless...very good progress.

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