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Comment In other news (Score 2, Funny) 1124

Microsoft's flagship product the operating system "Windows" will yet again reach new lows in sucky UIs. Firefox and others to follow suit. Mozilla spokesperson has stated: "We will not be outdone by neither Windows nor Internet Explorer. We promise to bring you a product that surely will eclipse anything Microsoft has ever produced and bring more suck to the world, open source style!".

On a more somber note. Mozilla, stop following Microsoft and do what you originally did with Firefox, outdo them. Seriously can't be that hard, honestly.

Comment email? (Score 1) 136

Do people still use that? Either way, why not try to improve your hiring processes instead of treating all your employees like criminals. If you do treat me like a criminal and give me the punishment, I do feel obliged to get to do the crime as well...

Comment Re:Actually, there is an iTunes for movies (Score 2, Insightful) 474

There is one problem with it, and it is not the fault of Apple. Since the distribution rights are owned by a silly amount of silly people in a silly amount of different countries, those countries won't get movies distributed in iTunes.

Apparently they see some magic gain in *not* making their product available in *preferred* distribution channels. Basically they are assholes twice over. First to their customers (us), and then to their shareholders (why aren't we making money? Oh, because the distributers are assholes who don't want to *sell* our products).

Set the distribution rights free, drop DRM, and make the products available in the preferred way (internet, and no, that do *NOT* mean through some crap IE webbrowser crap solution with sub par quality), yadda, yadda, yadda. Most of you guys on slashdot gets this.

Comment This is pathethic (Score 1) 392

If they can't release an OS that is better than the one before the previous version, they should not release it at all. Win 7 needs to be good enough to *replace* XP for at the very least 95% of all the users. There will always be someone screaming for a previous version, but not like this, not like what happened with Vista.

And the ironic thing is, Microsoft has the money, the personnel, the knowhow, and the means to do this. What they lack is vision, guts, and leadership.

Comment EFF (Score 1) 785

Has the EEF requested a meeting with Obama and Biden to discuss this with them? They really should do so. Whining on the web will not change a thing about this.

Comment Re:Pass by reference (Score 1) 612

As usual you can screw things up in C++, but the point is that if you code using references and don't adhere to unneeded & and * trickery you can more easily spot problems in your code.

This is the very reason I do not like C++, because you always get people writing a lot of trickery that ends up as a lot of defects and problems. It requires a whole lot more out of the developers if you are going to use C++. A whole lot more.

I also want to add that in all fairness the above poster might very well understand the true reason for references and just wanted to point out that noone using C++ will ever be safe.

Comment Re:null or not null, that is the question (Score 1) 612


Null references makes me sad sad sad. People creating them on purpose (not that you did, as that was an example) makes me unhappy.

To add to the above poster, null references are not just the worst kind, but would render you a stern lecture from someone like me if you ever tried it in a real product.

Comment Re:Capitalism vs. Communism (Score 1) 176

The Humane Society and ASPCA are two great examples of organizations, in the united states of America, that do not even remotely make money and only work for the benefit of those weaker than us. Reward doesn't have to be wads of cash. Wanting a reward is not evil after all. And socialism doesn't stop CEOs from being greedy bastards. Look at the board of directors for Volvo. Worse value for money can't be found on this earth.

The big question with open source is how to fund it and how to deal with the total cost of ownership and responsibility.

Comment Bad information (Score 1) 187

Look at all the predictions when it comes to Apples products, and then see how many of them are actually true. Remove the people who actually just happen to guess right (they usually have other, incorrect, guesses as well), and you'll end up with precious few. And we can't be sure even they knew, but rather guessed one way or another.

So, why, should I give a damn about what the same people are guessing regarding Steve Jobs? The man owes me nothing and I will leave him alone regarding all personal issues.

All the lying "journalists" on the other hand...

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