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Comment DRBL or WDS (Score 1) 253

What I would do is configure a laptop to run DRBL or Windows Deployment Services (WDS). Both will give you PXE boot options and can boot whatever Linux (DRBL) or WinPE (WDS) utilities you want to use. WDS is a part of Windows Server 2008 R2 and for what you are going to need it for, you shouldn't have to purchase a license since the evaluation period should be sufficient time for you to complete your process. My suggestion would be to customize a Windows PE image to run a backup utility to capture all the data and write it to wherever you are putting it at, then run Gdisk32, which is a part of Norton Ghost to wipe the drive once the backup is complete and verified. You should be able to script this so it runs automatically once the PXE boot completes off a WDS server. I'm sure there's a way to do the same thing with DBAN if you're going to use DRBL instead.


Submission + - More Ethics Woes for HP

The Breeze writes: HP is in the news again for ethics issues, which is the last thing it wants. According to a Fortune Magazine story on CNN.COM, contrary to HP's previous assertions that the "pretexting" scandal was an "aberration", HP apparently has been doing all sorts of nasty stuff for quite some time, spying on Dell and obtaining confidential Dell documents about their printer strategy. Oops. And then they made the mistake of trying to run a dirty tricks campaign against one of the very guys who was involved in what he called "covert ops" for HP. Double Oops. To top it off, when the ex-wife-to-be tipped off HP inadvertently by sniffing around HP trying to find hidden assets, HP then threatened to criminally prosecute HER because she was married to a guy who somehow irritated HP. The story basically says, "we don't know everything that HP did wrong, but we've been able to find quite a bit."

Submission + - How much sleep do you need?

phorm writes: "I was recently having a discussion with a friend wherein we noticed that, although we had been lacking in sleep lately, we were — in general — feeling somewhat less tired. More specifically for myself, I generally end up feeling more alert in the morning, sometimes with a more steep drop-off towards night.

This had led to research over the concept of how much sleep is optimal, and how much is enough. Interestingly, it seems that many who are into heavy fitness schedules (bodybuilders etc) require lesser sleep amounts to maintain an alert state. This would seem to fit with my own observations, in that if I have exercised heavily, I tend to fall into a deeper sleep, within a shorted period of time. However, if I have exercised in a way that has over-strained my body, sometimes extra rest can be required, most likely so that it can "fix" itself.

I have many memories of college wherein intellectual stimulation would also have the same result. Coding would run into the early AM hours, and at some point when my brain was reduced to gelatin I would return home for about 3-6 hours of sleep, and still manage to feel active and refreshed the next day. Coding where I went to bed before my brain gelified might result in tossing-and-turning.

Stimulants, of course, affect either of these situations, but as I'm not much of a caffeine drinker (particularly later in the day), I believe that can be ruled out.

So, how much sleep does a normal slashdotter need before being able to achieve uncaffeinated alertness? What tips and tricks can you recommend to pull a few extra hours out of the day (much like many fitness fanatics do) without sacrificing your health or alertness? How do you trick your body into achieving the almighty "power-nap" or "super-sleep" for quick revitalization?"

RIAA Seeks Royalties From Radio 555

SierraPete writes "First it was Napster; then it was Internet radio; then it was little girls, grandmothers, and dead people. But now our friends at the RIAA are going decidedly low-tech. The LA Times reports that the RIAA wants royalties from radio stations. 70 years ago Congress exempted radio stations from paying royalties to performers and labels because radio helps sell music. But since the labels that make up the RIAA are not getting the cash they desire through sales of CDs, and since Internet and satellite broadcasters are forced to cough up cash to their racket, now the RIAA wants terrestrial radio to pay up as well."
Star Wars Prequels

Submission + - Star Wars Fan Movie Challenge 2007 VOTING!

Sarah Giannantonio writes: "We got Chad Vadar, we got Revelations, even another Pink Five, but mostly check it out for the films you don't know about yet. Voting has begun, but ends soon, Monday 5/21: http://www.atomfilms.com/2007/starwars/challenge/i ndex.jsp George Lucas will pick his favorite fan movie on May 27th, but which one is yours? Watch all the contenders right here and vote! Stay tuned to see who will be given the Audience Choice Award and who will get their fan movie on Spike TV. press release below: ATOMFILMS® AND LUCASFILM ANNOUNCE 19 "STAR WARS(TM) FAN MOVIE CHALLENGE" FINALISTS George Lucas' Favorite Fan Movie To Be Revealed On May 27 At Star Wars Celebration In LA Spike TV To Premiere Top "Star Wars Fan Movie Challenge" Short Film To View The "Star Wars Fan Movie Challenge" Finalists And Vote For The Audience Choice Award, Visit http://starwars.atomfilms.com/ SAN FRANCISCO and NEW YORK, MAY 15, 2007 — Lucasfilm and AtomFilms®, a division of MTVN Entertainment Group, a unit of Viacom (NYSE: VIA, VIA.B) today announced the 19 official selections in the annual "Star Wars Fan Movie Challenge," their long-running celebration of the best videos created by Star Wars fans, for Star Wars fans. The movies, which include short parodies, epic works of fan fiction, world premieres and internet classics, are now available for viewing and Audience Choice voting at the Fan Movie Challenge site: http://starwars.atomfilms.com./ The "Fan Movie Challenge's" top movie, as designated by Star Wars creator George Lucas, will be unveiled May 27 at Lucasfilm's Star Wars Celebration event in Los Angeles on the 30th anniversary of the original theatrical release of Star Wars. In addition to this illustrious honor, the movie will premiere on Spike TV on Tuesday, May 29 at 11:25 p.m. ET/PT. This year, the "Fan Movie Challenge" received a record-breaking number of submissions from five continents between March and May 2007. The official selections are in competition for six awards of merit judged by George Lucas, Lucasfilm staff, and AtomFilms staff, plus the Audience Choice Award, as designated by the votes of the internet audience at http://starwars.atomfilms.com/ beginning today. The complete list of award categories is: George Lucas Selects Award Audience Choice Award Best Comedy Best Fan Fiction/Drama Best Action Best Animation Best Short Subject (more) The official selections are: Bounty Hunter: The Interview, by MooseJack Studios Chad Vader: Day Shift Manager, by Blame Society Productions Essence of the Force, by Pat Kerby Forced Alliance, by Spearshield Forces of Fortitude, by Clive Lee IG-88: The Dancing Robot, by Anton Bogaty Incident at Toshi Station, by Mike McMahan My Name is Darth, by Robert Reeves R2D2 Sound System Commercial, by James Bazan Recruit of the Jedi, by Ryan N. Wilcox Return of Pink Five, Vol 2, by Trey Stokes Star Wars Revelations, by Shane Felux Surreptitious, by Craig Allen The Death of Jar Jar, by Damien Valentine The Ewok Song, by Allen Heifetz The Eyes of Darth Tator, by Lee Vehe The Fan Film, by Matt Sobule The Knudson Menace, by Amy Earhart The Phantom Medalist, by Dan Mason For more information please visit the official "Star Wars Fan Movie Challenge" Website at http://starwars.atomfilms.com./ About AtomFilms A 2007 Webby Award finalist, AtomFilms is unique among online video services, licensing and developing original content in partnership with filmmakers and animators. Since pioneering the online video category in 1998, AtomFilms has attracted a loyal audience of millions of users with its consistently outstanding short-form programming. AtomFilms compensates filmmakers and animators based on revenues generated from its advertising and distribution businesses, and its payments to creators have totaled millions of dollars. AtomFilms is a division of VIACOM (NYSE: VIA and VIA.B) MTV Networks. About Lucasfilm Lucasfilm Ltd. is one of the world's leading movie and entertainment companies. Founded by George Lucas in 1971, it is a privately held, fully integrated entertainment company. In addition to its motion-picture and television production operations, the company's global activities include Industrial Light & Magic and Skywalker Sound; LucasArts; Lucasfilm Animation; and Lucas Licensing. Additionally, Lucas Online creates Internet-based content for Lucasfilm's entertainment properties and businesses. About Spike TV Spike TV is available in 91.6 million homes and is a division of MTV Networks. A unit of VIACOM (NYSE: VIA, VIA.B), MTV Networks is one of the world's leading creators of programming and content across all media platforms."

Feed Everyday Life In Pompeii Revealed (sciencedaily.com)

Until recently archaeologists working on Pompeian artefacts have tended to concentrate on examples of art, some of it erotic, from the town that was suddenly destroyed by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in August 79 AD. Now archaeologists are gaining new understandings of everyday life in Pompeii.

Submission + - Google beats Microsoft, Coke in brand stakes

Starss writes: "Google has knocked Microsoft off the top spot and been named the most powerful global brand of 2007 in a recently published ranking.

According to Millward Brown Optimor, here are the 10 most powerful global brands of 2007, plus brand value:
1. Google — US$66.4 billion
2. General Electric — US$61.9 billion
3. Microsoft — US$55 billion
6. Marlboro — US$39.2 billion
7. Wal-Mart — US$36.9 billion
8. Citigroup — US$33.7 billion
9. IBM — US$33.6 billion
10. Toyota Motor — US$33.4 billion

Other technology companies featuring in the top 100 list include Nokia (12th), Hewlett-Packard (15th) and Apple (16th)."

Study Finds Bank of America SiteKey is Flawed 335

An anonymous reader writes "The NYT reports on a Harvard and MIT study, which finds that the SiteKey authentication system employed by Bank of America is ineffective at prevent phishing attacks. SiteKey requires users to preselect an image and to recognize this image before they login, but users don't comply. 'The idea is that if customers do not see their image, they could be at a fraudulent Web site, dummied up to look like their bank's, and should not enter their passwords. The Harvard and M.I.T. researchers tested that hypothesis. In October, they brought 67 Bank of America customers in the Boston area into a controlled environment and asked them to conduct routine online banking activities, like looking up account balances. But the researchers had secretly withdrawn the images. Of 60 participants who got that far into the study and whose results could be verified, 58 entered passwords anyway. Only two chose not to log on, citing security concerns.' The study, aptly entitled "The Emperor's New Security Indicators", is available online."
The Internet

Submission + - More Children Being Exposed to Online Porn

eldavojohn writes: "A new study is pointing to a growth in the number of minors viewing unwanted pornography on the internet. From the article, "Overall, 34 percent had unwanted exposure to online pornography, including some children who had willingly viewed pornography in other instances. The 2005 number was up from 25 percent in a similar survey conducted in 1999 and 2000." The study was done on ages 10-17 with the majority seeing unwanted exposure being between 13 and 17 years old. The article is accompanied by the usual "think of the children!" viewpoints but interestingly enough ends by saying that "many survey participants said they were not disturbed by what they saw.""

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