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Study Finds Bank of America SiteKey is Flawed 335

An anonymous reader writes "The NYT reports on a Harvard and MIT study, which finds that the SiteKey authentication system employed by Bank of America is ineffective at prevent phishing attacks. SiteKey requires users to preselect an image and to recognize this image before they login, but users don't comply. 'The idea is that if customers do not see their image, they could be at a fraudulent Web site, dummied up to look like their bank's, and should not enter their passwords. The Harvard and M.I.T. researchers tested that hypothesis. In October, they brought 67 Bank of America customers in the Boston area into a controlled environment and asked them to conduct routine online banking activities, like looking up account balances. But the researchers had secretly withdrawn the images. Of 60 participants who got that far into the study and whose results could be verified, 58 entered passwords anyway. Only two chose not to log on, citing security concerns.' The study, aptly entitled "The Emperor's New Security Indicators", is available online."
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Submission + - More Children Being Exposed to Online Porn

eldavojohn writes: "A new study is pointing to a growth in the number of minors viewing unwanted pornography on the internet. From the article, "Overall, 34 percent had unwanted exposure to online pornography, including some children who had willingly viewed pornography in other instances. The 2005 number was up from 25 percent in a similar survey conducted in 1999 and 2000." The study was done on ages 10-17 with the majority seeing unwanted exposure being between 13 and 17 years old. The article is accompanied by the usual "think of the children!" viewpoints but interestingly enough ends by saying that "many survey participants said they were not disturbed by what they saw.""

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