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Comment Re:Why is it nobody is happier? (Score 1) 542

This society is more or less just fine with individuality and self expression.

You are lucky to have such a narrow view of individuallity and no need for self-expression.

If your happiness depends on fucking with other people, then you are the one with the problem.

Hm so wanting sex is a problem where you live?

Comment Re:Why is it nobody is happier? (Score 1) 542

I have often wondered how people can be so dissatisfied in the midst of so much that is splendid and amazing.

They do, don't they? Could it be that life isn't all peaches and creme for the lot? Could it be that even though you might think it is all peaches and creme for them, they instinctively know it's all just pretend?

Comment Re:Why is it nobody is happier? (Score 1) 542

I can be happy in my circumstances but not completely content given all the things that are happening in the world. Call it idealism.

I'd call it turning a blind eye. We instinctively know that the society is causing trouble, but we wouldn't give up the possibility of 'happiness' we can attain for ourselves in it.

Comment Re:Why is it nobody is happier? (Score 1) 542

You're not happy because you cannot be you in this society.

Well, I'm not sure what 'this society' is in your context, but I live in the UK and spend quite a bit of my working time doing things for people in the USA, so I'd say I'm probably in the same society as you. If you can't be happy in this society, then I think it says more about you than about society in general.

"This society" applies pretty much to most 'civilized' societies in the World, where people have laid down rules against individuality and self-expression for the sake of maintaining order and economic stability. You have only three choices. 1. Don't fit in and struggle outside the society for your own sake. 2. Fit in and pretend everything is cool, if you are lucky enough to do so. 3. Fit in and suffer because you cannot pretend everythig is cool. I'm sure there are nuances in-between those options, but you get the idea.

People can't really be happy in this society, except in the way prescribed by the society itself, which is not really happieness but self-satisfaction. If they did a good job of fitting in, they would be rewarded with success, money, friends that accept them, bosses that praise them. That can make them feel better about themselves, and they might think it's happiness. Consumerist societies make the best of these ego-boosters to give people even more illusion of happiness, and they will fight hard anyone and anything that doesn't agree with how they see "happiness" because their version of happiness is cheap and readily available, and nobody would give that up. (Note that I don't say 'corporations', but 'society'.)

Comment Re:No kidding (Score 1) 106

Too bad most governments don't agree with that logic, when they sends you the bill for the electricity from the power-plants funded with your tax money.

I just said it's ok, never that it was universally the case anywhere. In fact, most research done at Belgrade University rarely end up as a free publicly available product.

Comment Re:Youth is wasted on the young (Score 1) 106

I can't do anything but cry foul that the scientists produce research paper and give them away but the journals charge an arm and a leg for me to access it.

You have to be aware that University of Belgrade is government-funded. It's not a private university. I don't see any reason a private university would give their research papers for free, but a government-run university has an obligation to release their research paper because the citizens pay them to do the research to begin with.

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