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Comment Re:Since when? (Score 1) 225

Insurance comapnies had seen this before with Hurricane Betsy in New Orleans and Hurricane Camille in South Mississippi. They knew that huge-ass storms could come through and level the places and they knew the value of all the property. They relied on the out that Federal Flood insuance gives them on their policies. Except that when Katrina came through, it brought more water than Camille or Betsy ever did, so people got flooded who were living higher than the 500-year floodplain.

It was just a giant mess, but it wasn't helped that everyone involved made bad choices. I say this as a native of Biloxi, MS.

Comment Re:Similar project for me (Score 1) 608

I removed the possibility of crosstalk with my cable modem by separating the coax running to my office from the rest of the coax in the house. This way, the MI424WR's sit on a single piece of coax and only talk to themselves. I have purchased 3 MI424WR's total as one of the original two I purchas3ed for this use died mysteriously after 6 months. It could have been more an environmental failure (office, small space, pet fur) than hardware, but I'm reconfiguring my desktop layout to account for this.

That said, I enjoy having the hardwire connection when my 30-foot, through-three-walls, oft-dropped WiFi connection annoyed me to hell and back.

Comment Similar project for me (Score 3, Informative) 608

I researched this and found that the Actiontec MI424WR router that Verizon provides for their FiOS service makes a nice, high-speed coax-ethernet bridge. You can purchase them used from BCD Electro. I bought a pair to utilize the coax under my house that ran from the main cable splitter to my office. I re-routed the cable under the house to the location of my wireless router and hooked everything up so that my desktop internet connection went this way: desktop <-ethernet-> MI424WR <-coax-> MI424WR <-ethernet-> WRT54GL. There are guides on how to set them up to act as bridges and it's pretty simple. For the cost of a decent USB WiFi adapter, I have hardwired connectivity that provides me with 2x the throughput as my now-dead USB WiFi that it replaced.

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