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Comment Actiontec Mi424WR (Score 1) 376


This may be what you're looking for. Offers 10/100 WAN ethernet interface, NAT, the whole she-bang.

You can find them used on eBay for under $40 shipped. I personally used a pair to utilize a coax line in my office for hard-wiring my desktop as my wireless was being spotty. Through put is better than 802.11g and ping times are in the 3ms range.

Comment Re:So, it took 1.9 years? (Score 2, Insightful) 445

His Perl script pulled almost 20 million PAGES. It doesn't say exactly how many RECORDS were pulled. I'm assuming most records are multiple pages. Basic math says the script rain for 18 days, so (18*24*60*60)/3 = 518400 possible records to be pulled in that time at an average of 39 pages per record to reach the 20 million pages.

Comment Re:USM is linux friendly. (Score 1) 835

Last time I wandered the campus (2003 alum here, Southern Miss to the top!) the library PC's were Windows w/ Deep Freeze for lockdown/control. The big computer lab at the front of the library was a 90/10 mix of Dell/Apple.

The Fine Arts lab in Mannoni PAC was 100% Apple. The CS Lab on the 2nd floor of the Chain Technology Building (TEC) was dualboot Win/Linux. The Engineering lab on 2nd floor TEC was Windows and so was the SET lab on the 3rd floor.

The Psych building lab was also Windows.

When I started as a freshman, you could still dial into ocean to get a shell for e-mail or negotiate PPP @ 14.4kbit. It was a sad day when they removed everyone's shell access, but at least they left scp access with an scp client.

I do still have my orca account though!

Comment Re:It was 80% (Score 1) 599

The furthest back I could find complete tax brackets for is 1950 here.

Crudely adjusting for inflation, my current 2009 salary is approximately $5100 in 1950 dollars. Given the tax rates listed for 1950, I'd pay $916 out of that $5100 for an over-all tax rate of approximately 18%. Tax rates higher than the current high of 35% don't apply until you're making $24000 USD in 1950, which is equivalent to $210k USD today. So they're pretty much on par with current taxes except they tax the ever living hell out of anything over $210k, which is generally extra money that you don't need for basic subsistence.

I wish I could find the tax brackets for 1930 to show you that you probably had to make $300k USD in 1930 to get taxed 80%.

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