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Submission + - OLPC to run Windows, come to the US

An anonymous reader writes: 'Yesterday Nicholas Negroponte, former director of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab now head of the nonprofit One Laptop Per Child project, gave analysts and journalists an update on the OLPC project. Two big changes were announced — the $100 OLPC is now the $175 OLPC, and it will be able to run Windows. Even in a free and open market where there are free and legal alternatives to using Windows and Office, there's a huge demand for Microsoft software. The OLPC was seen as a way for open source Linux distributions to achieve massive exposure in developing countries, but now Negroponte says that the OLPC machine will be able to run Windows as well as Linux. Details are sketchy but Negroponte did confirm that the XO's developers have been working with Microsoft to get the OLPC up to spec for Windows.' We also find out that the OLPC gets a price hike and will officially come to the US. Could this be tied into Microsoft's new $3 Windows XP Starter and Office 2007 bundle? Now that the OLPC and Intel's Classmate PC can both run Windows, is Linux in the developing world in trouble?
The Media

Submission + - NBC Believes They Own Political Discourse

PoliSciASU writes: "MSNBC has established draconian rules regarding the use of the Presidential Primary Debates on the internet. Kevin Bondelli talks about why this is shameful and wrong. Voters are missing out on the ability to actually have an engaged conversation about the candidates and their debate performances because of NBC's greed."

Submission + - My next programming language?

An anonymous reader writes: I'm looking for a next programming language. The last language that I really took seriously was Java. But then it tried to become everything to everybody and got off track. I've dabbled in Ruby, but it seems to be too immature to take seriously. Are there any other languages that can offer ease of development, portability, etc. I'd appreciate your advice. Thanks!
The Media

Submission + - Asian Group Equates Prank Call to Nazi Germany

DA-MAN writes: "A group known as the Organization of Chinese Americans has called for the firing of two radio dj's in New York over a prank call. The prank call was to a Chinese restaurant using a computer generated voice during which they place an order for shrimp flied lice. Today they protested outside of CBS during which they passed out flyers equating said prank call to Hitler/KKK/Nazi Germany. Looks like comedy is no longer safe from attack, for you can be called a racist for a joke now. The OCA has called the DJ's racists against Asian's, ignoring such facts like one of the DJ's being married to Korean model Natasha Yi *NSFW*."

Submission + - SCO Delisting warned

icebike writes: SCO has been notified by NASDAQ that it currently fails to meet the requirements for continued listing on NASDAQ due to its price being below 1 dollar for the last 30 days.

This means that if the stock price can not be held above 1 dollar for 10 consecutive days out of the next 180, SCO will be delisted. It would then join the Pink Sheets, where penny stocks are traded, (and usually hyped by untold volumes of spam promising a big campaign).

http://biz.yahoo.com/prnews/070427/laf053.html?.v= 60

Just another step in the downward spiral of a company with few customers, and little to sell, and a business model based on litigation.
Operating Systems

Submission + - DOS rises again

An anonymous reader writes: Just when you thought DOS stood for "Dead Operating System," along comes a new free version. The GPL-licensed "NXDOS" distribution is a 16-bit DOS "work-alike" that aims to teach the old DO... oh, nevermind. NXDOS was written by Christopher Evans, 32-year old high-school dropout with a decade of experience hacking DOS-based sysop apps for the "fidonet bbsing scene" during the 90's.
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Australian ISPs to disconnect file sharers?

shadrach_au writes: The Australian music industry has approached Internet service providers (ISP) to penalize people who illegally download music. Under the plan, record labels would identify Internet customers who are illegally downloading and service providers would give them three warnings before cutting off their phone and Internet connections. Recent research shows that 18 per cent of Australians regularly use filesharing programs like Limewire to illegally download songs from the Internet.
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - How Not To Comply With a Takedown Notice?

blazerw11 writes: "A friend of mine once wanted to be in advertising. He made some really funny ads for a greasy fast food joint, Gene & Jude's of River Grove, IL, that he loves. The ads are quite funny, so I offered to host them on my webserver. That was 7 years ago. They were basically forgotten about except when I occasionally looked at my web statistics and saw that they were the most popular pages on my webserver. As many as 10 people a month would actually view them. Well, today I got a certified letter from a lawyer representing Gene & Jude's claiming I've damaged their company and demanding that I take them down. Now, I can understand their point and if Gene or Jude would have called me and said, "Hey, I don't like those so much, could you take them down?" I would have in a heartbeat. Now that they've called their lawyer, my question is, what can I do at the very least to postpone taking them down or, better yet, keep them up?"

Submission + - Is Wine or Vista more Windows compatible?

ZMXJ writes: We've been hearing quite a few anecdotes & reviews that complain about poor compatibility of old hardware and pre-vista-windows software with Vista; and quite a few articles about improved compatibility of Wine.

My suspicion is that Linux has much better hardware compatibility with Win2K era PCs than Vista does; and my suspicion is that the software compatibility of Wine vs Vista for Win2K apps is about the same. But before I make a recommendation that upgrading to Wine would be better than upgrading to Vista in our company, I wanted to Ask Slashdot to see what other people's experiences with either transition have been like. So far our company has no experience with Vista nor Wine/Linux (quite a bit of Win2K & Linux experience, though). Any experience you guys had moving ot to Vista or to Wine would be of interest.

Would an upgrade from Win2K to Vista or an upgrade from Win2K to Wine/Linux be less painful?

Submission + - How to avoid javacertified.com extortion ?

An anonymous reader writes: I am developing and selling a Java ME Go Game application for mobile phones and I run into something that I can't qualify otherwise than an extortion scheme.

Basically they lock out developers from API features or make them barely possible to use for almost every single mobile phone on the planet if you don't pay a premium to their "initiative" where LG, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung and Sony-Ericsson are participating. It looks like there is no technical way around it. It is (or will be) the only one certificate accepted by those phones.

You need to pay around 200-250 euros per device, per version to get certified where a monkey checks if you have an exit button on your application and an help screen.

Imagine you want to make your product compatible for every device and release 5 minor versions per year, it amounts to hundreds of thousands of euros per year !

Is anybody escaped this racket ? If yes how ?
Is it even remotely legal ?

Submission + - Apple not 'green,' Greenpeace says

brado77 writes: How cool is that new MacBook Pro you are using? That depends on your point of view. Ask Greenpeace...according to them, the "Apple" isn't organic.

In the following article, the group [Greenpeace] said Apple "scores badly on almost all criteria" in a survey of its environmental attitudes and practices, including timetables for phasing out hazardous chemicals, Britain's Independent reported.

So fire up your PC, perhaps Vista will now produce an environmentally friendly GSOD (Green Screen of Death).

Web Scanning Technology for Copyright Violations 54

eldavojohn writes "I've heard a lot of talk about software being used to detect pirated media anywhere on the web, but haven't seen a lot of details. PhysOrg has a good article on one of the tools out there. Automatic Copyright Infringement Detection (ACID) boasts a patented technology dubbed 'meaning-based computing' that is reportedly capable of finding relationships among 1,000 different types of files. The important thing is that this is not tagging-based searching. 'Autonomy's search technology uses automatic hyperlinking and link clustering that the company claims isn't built into keyword search engines. According to the company, this technology allows computers to perform searches with greater context, so it finds a wider range of related documents or research citations than is possible from keyword searches.' For more details on how this magic works, check out Autonomy's patent and the many patents by its subdivision, Virage."
Data Storage

Submission + - Can CDs Be Recycled?

An anonymous reader writes: I was recently doing a closet-cleaning and came across literally hundreds of old software CDs that are no longer usable — both manufactured CDs and CD-Rs. Note that by "not usable", I mean that many of them simply couldn't be read anymore, possibly due to the fact that they'd been stored rather ineptly (no, I wasn't responsible for how they were stored). My question is: Is it possible to reclaim CDs for raw materials? It seems wrong to just throw them out, but are there other things that can be done with them that will allow their raw materials to be reused in some way?

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