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Comment Re:How do we generate the power? (Score 1) 525

You forgot another key thing -- when you take your foot off the gas in a gasoline car, it doesn't start magically creating new fuel and putting it back in your tank the way an EV does.

If an EV instantly goes into regen braking when letting off the throttle, then no thanks. Constant, perceptible deceleration instead of freewheel (or slushbox) coasting would get real old, real quick.

Comment New Math (Score 1) 213

Opera's shift to WebKit should concern everyone. It's likely a good decision for them, but it consolidates WebKit's position as the dominant rendering engine, and having any dominant engine is bad, as you go from standards directing engines to the dominant engine imposing "standards".

Absolutely. If Opera were at an overwhelming 3% usage instead of just a stout 2%, this would already be done and dusted.

Comment Umm.. (Score 1) 418

To get it even at that point, apparently glue had to be used in place of a lot of fasteners that make repairing easy.

In addition to the fuckton of glue (mainly to keep people out), there are +90 screws! I don't think a mid-60's automobile would have 90 screws.

Only Microsoft could pull off the feat of using a boatload of conventional fasteners and still make the hardware practically irrepreble. Hamfisted jackanapes.

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