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Comment Where's Waldo (Score 1) 228

Earlier in the year, while pointing out several areas across the globe suffering significant droughts, the other person asked: "Well, where is it all going?" I had no ready answer. I guess the oceans? Though I thought the sea level rises were due mainly to ice melt (even more water!), not increased rainfall and runoff.

Comment Oh, please (Score 1) 63

Lawyers, doctors, etc. get paid the big bucks for good work

Lawyers are paid to be as devious, cruel, and inhuman as possible without getting disbarred, period. From telling the jury she was 'asking for it' as she was dressed like a slut, to refusing to release someone when the DNA evidence doesn't match, but stating it is merely from an 'unidicted co-conspirator'. If your shark wins, I suppose it is 'good work', in an expediently sociopathic sense.

Attorney: from the Latin attorni: to twist (both the truth and the opponent).

Comment Nope (Score 1) 270

But China will never abandon North Korea, unless NK attacks China directly. They'll continue to support them in any way possible, within reason, to ensure the communist stronghold on the peninsula.

Communism? Seriously? No. The main reason is that China doesn't want all those hungry, huddled masses streaming North over the border.

A darker reason: we in the West tend to think 'asians' are homogeneous (ironically, due to our racism), but the various Chinese ethnic goups are just a tribal as us White Devils, if not more so, and would prefer to keep the Koreans at arms reach in perpetuity.

Comment Big Assumption (Score 1) 119

... disable location services on your phone. You're giving data to a public database and then crying about privacy... just don't give them information.

You are assuming here that you have complete and total control of your phone, completely impervious from overrides by the greasy carriers and their state security handlers.

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