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Comment Regulate BANKS, not downloads!! (Score 3, Interesting) 350

Seriously. The US government is 100% committed to spending a fortune regulating and enforcing use of the internet due to 'online piracy'. As a result the US government is directly providing law enforcement, judicial, and legislative staff to protect the video and music industry..... and yet they openly claim REGULATING BANKS and stock market (NOTE: the Republican party is almost 100% against regulating the banking industry) is bad???

Am I the only one who is concerned with this criminally insane paradox?

Comment People like Birgitta Jonsdottir are easy to buy (Score 3, Interesting) 565

Sure, the allegations could be true, but - Birgitta Jonsdottir is a politician, and like everyone else has a price to do or say anything. It is within the realm of probability that she has been paid to take this highly public stance.

The fact is, a smear campaign is not just a simple accusation (in this case two coincidentally made on the same day), but rather a string of questionable accusations presented to people. Sure each one can easily be disproved in most cases, but if you make enough false allegations and pay a few people (especially those who appear to give credibility to an accusation) then these lies appear to be true.

Does ANYONE actually believe the USA can illegally invade another country, kill hundreds of thousands of people and manage to hide it.... yet would just stop at a simple rape allegation?? Uh, no! It has been widely covered that the US government is actively trying to destroy credibility of wikileaks, and sadly that will involve putting US operatives or paid rats inside wikileaks with the ultimate goal of taking this organization down.

The CIA has set up dozens of puppet governments in similar ways, so taking down an enemy website by 'framing' those who run it will happen. Truth be told, that "Collateral Murder" video makes much of what has happened look like a child's birthday party. For example, the blast and shockwave from the MOAB bomb can destroy about 8-10 blocks radius of a city, and we used these in Iraq... how many people who be disgusted if we saw the aftermath of just one?

Comment Wave.... um... really? (Score 2, Insightful) 59

First off, I truly thought the concept was great.

However, not being able to delete and modify prior threads is a HUGE (there is no super-duper-de-duper-wholy-shit symbol, so I'll just use the '4' to express my WTF-idness!) privacy issue-- 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4!!!!!

Why would you not even consider the fact that people post stupid stuff, then want to delete it?? 44444444444444444???????

Yeah.... I thought so Google, you are up China's respective bunghole. Does NSA know about this? You should send them a memo....

Comment ACTA y USA vs the Mundial... (Score 1) 233

Seriously, I live in the USA and am ashamed at the 'anti-piracy' efforts the government provides to the entertainment industry (...oh yeah, and lawyers). If only the government did this for truly productive professions like medicine, dental, education????? Seriously, the US says "fuck you!!" to teachers, but is willing to throw people in jail because they download a shitty Metallica song?? WTF is wrong with the USA these days?? How many black Americans are in jail at this moment because of this policy?

ANSWER: to fucking many!

USA is ferd!!!!! (ferd = fucked for those who don't know) .... We need a third party to ass-fuck both the republicans (mouth-fuck palin), and the democrats. Even tho palin is like 100 and shit... i'd tap that just to say I ferd hitlers wife, and came on her glasses :)

Comment Re:Carl Sagan woud have said..... :=) (Score 1) 301

LOL!! this should be modded up.. because it's funny (and true!). However, he was a bit more expansive in his discussions. He probably would have said:

"We look deep into the the brain of this car, that is known as 'computer'. Millions upon millions of lines of code, all searching for the answer to a question the driver has already discovered...."

Comment military clauses in contracts (Score 5, Informative) 489

As a general rule, most contracts have a military clause that extends to the spouse/family of the military member. The reason this clause exists is to protect them should they be required to move without notice, relocate to another area, or lose their spouse. This applies, to homes, cars, and many other things.

It's a good policy, and Verizon screwed up by choosing to ignore it. If Verizon stuck to their guns, she could easily have gone to family advocacy department in the USMC and they would have helped correct Verizon.

If nothing else, it highlights how we little people get treated by corporations in America every day.

Comment The US is SURE of WHAT?? (Score 3, Insightful) 319

First off, if the 'US' is 'sure' of something (for example weapons of mass destruction), then you can be 100% certain the US is up to no good.

Second, "The US is sure that most criminals use ICQ and..." ---- really?? I will happily plunk down a $1,000,000 bet and walk down to the nearest prison and ask a random sampling of 'criminals' what they know about ICQ. Rest assured, almost none of the criminals will have a clue about ICQ. Kids however, would be able to tell you all about it. ...maybe the US is referring to kids who download shitty music as 'criminals'? If keeping ICQ in order to track a bunch of pimply-faced kids downloading music is 'National Security', then America is truly fucked.

Comment Re:Personal Anecdote (Score 0, Flamebait) 430

I still use HP printers exclusively at home, and recommend them to customers as well.

Then you, sir, are a douche! HP printers can eat a bag of ass. Have you ever come across the 'expired ink' message (you know, where the ink has been in the printer 'too long', so it will not print until you replace the cartridges-- quite expensive even when you ARE out of ink!!). That was the last straw for me. I will never recommend or buy another HP product ever.

As for working best with linux, I'd have to disagree there too, I think Brother is far more supportive these days.

Regardless, I will chisel crap in stone before HP gets another penny of my money.

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