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Comment Re:Personal Anecdote (Score 0, Flamebait) 430

I still use HP printers exclusively at home, and recommend them to customers as well.

Then you, sir, are a douche! HP printers can eat a bag of ass. Have you ever come across the 'expired ink' message (you know, where the ink has been in the printer 'too long', so it will not print until you replace the cartridges-- quite expensive even when you ARE out of ink!!). That was the last straw for me. I will never recommend or buy another HP product ever.

As for working best with linux, I'd have to disagree there too, I think Brother is far more supportive these days.

Regardless, I will chisel crap in stone before HP gets another penny of my money.

Comment Decryption is illegal.... so nobody try it!! (Score 1) 299

How stupid! While I wouldn't be happy about having my work decrypted, throwing the whole 'it's illegal' red herring out there is just plain dumb-assery!

The fact is, you want to know when your OUTDATED encryption techniques are no longer useful.... but perhaps Bransfield-Garth would prefer a hostile agency do the work and leave it unpublished?? Yeah, I thought that was the less desirable option.

What a dick!

Comment USAF.... really?? (Score 1) 326

If it really was a coverup, then they would have been deleted completely.

If I can reformat a drive to DoD 5225-22 M and find someone to destructively dispose of a disk, you don't think the USAF folks in charge of White House communications can if they were ordered too? Same goes for civilians working at the White House. If the Bush administration really wanted emails to "get lost", they would have.

Having experience with this stuff, I can say with 100% certainty that the USAF folks are not NEARLY as masterful at their craft as you believe! In fact, most USAF actions are mired in political 'ass-covering' by 'good-'ol-boy' USAF officers who truly should never have been put in a position that requires integrity, honesty, and 'doing the right thing' as values.

Now, if only the Obama administration would tenaciously pursue prosecution of the people who ordered the deletion of these emails all would be right in my world.

Comment US 7,599,985 is the friggin internet!! (Score 2, Funny) 647

What a sad, pathetic joke we in the USA are subjecting the world to when a patent such as "US 7,599,985 " exists.

In short, it is basically defining the interaction of a computer with a server.

This is exactly the same as if I were able to patent the idea of 'placing one foot in front of the other in order to achieve motion'

Comment religion... if only... (Score 1) 1093

"Does the spirit of scientific scepticism really require that I remain forever open-minded to denialist humbug until it's shown to be wrong?"

Does this apply to religion as well?

Unfortunately, folks only assume this applies to science, but how many muslims (christians, et al.) think skepticism applies to religious snake-oil salesman as well? Consider this: if religions were held to task too we would never have met George Bush or Osama Bin Laden.

Comment oh those whacky Aussie government terds (Score 1) 327

Sure, let the drunk asshats drive around the country without restriction after chugging down who knows how much beer.... but lord help us all if a nerd on a computer gets behind the keyboard of a computer WITHOUT a license!!

Seems like it would be smarter to require Australian politicians to hold a license (granted by the public, of course) to be a flippin politician or lawyer!

Comment and next, the brain (Score 1) 257

hey, it's totally possible that with the decline in intellect in modern civilization that one day people may be like, "he crushed his brain? No problem, we can just take it out, it has no use anyways.. people believe it may have been used for cushioning to protect the uvula...which as we all know is where mankind derives his 'intelligence'...".

Comment my forecast (Score 1) 340

All the news outlets will attempt to sell their news online while 'paper news' begins to lag. The online generation will become less informed about the truths of current events, and ultimately 'grass-roots' organizations will begin to distribute 'newspapers' to enlighten the masses... ...talk about going back a couple-hundred years, except replace 'online' with 'town cryer'... seriously, capitalism may be a setback for the online community, but I really hope valid news is still available for free - or else we are all screwed.

Comment Re:iPhone. (Score 1) 167

I agree with the other posts about the iPhone. I have Readdle and Files and while both do smaller pdf's adequately (not great, just adequate), there is nothing I have found that does 80MB pdf's without crashing.

If anyone has a suggestion, I'd love to hear it... because I could surely use one.

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